My Extreme Rules DreamCard

Dynamite BillCorrespondent IApril 11, 2010


With Extreme Rules approcahing,, I have decided to post how my dreamcard for that PPV is. 

Note that I might make the championship matches different from what they have been booked to be.

Opening match: Drew McInyre(c) vs Yoshi Tarsu (No hollds Barred)

The WWE could use those two to build up a great opening match, Tatsu is really underrated and a shot at the I.C title would help him build momentum for a future push.

I'd like to see a 5-6 minutes macth that would end with McIntyre hitting the Future shock and driving Tatsu's head on the chair to retain his title.

Match 2: Ted DiBiase vs Cody Rhodes (Extreme Rules)

After failure at WrestleMania the two young superstars could blame each other about who's fault was it.

This would be a sweet 8 minutes match. At the end Ted would hit Cody with a chair at the head to ensure victory.

Match 3: Triple H vs Sheamus (NO DQ Rules apply only to Sheamus)

Give Sheamus an advantage so Triple H doesn't seem weak. This has happened many times in the past(Orton vs HBK and HBK can't use the superkick, Carlito vs HBK No DQ apply only to Carlito etc)

At the end the Celtic Warrior gets the pin after hitting the Crucifix and sending Hunter through a table. A good 8 minutes brutal match.

Match 4: C.M Punk vs Rey Mysterio ( Hair vs Mask)

Two great performers who can setup an awesome match. I would like a nice 10 minutes match. At the end Punk hits the GTS. And when we are all sure Rey will be unmasked he kicks out and hits the 619 plus a diving splash to get the victory.

Match 5: Unified Tag Team titles match: ShowMiz(c) vs MVP and Matt Hardy(Ladders Match)

A team between MVP and Hardy worked well in the past. And since they are both faces now it can also work now. ShowMiz has proved they are dominant and a ladder match beetwen those two teams could be a great pre-main event match.

At the end after 10minutes of hard competition. MVP gives the Miz a playmaker off the ladder and then Matt climbs the ladder before the Big Show to win the Unified tt Titles for his team.

Main event match N.1: John Morisson vs Y2J( Guaranteed Championship match, Ladder match)

This should go off like this, the winner of this match gets a guaranteed match against the World Heavyweight champion or the WWE champion at the next upcoming PPV.

Two great wrestlers that can setup a 5 star match. I would like Morisson to win so that his main event push starts. The match could last around 16 minutes.

Main event N.2: WWE Championship Match: John Cena(c) vs Batista (Last man standing)

Wrestlemania rematch. Not much needed to say, Cena gets tortured but he gets back on his feet hits an F.U through the announcers table. But when we are all sure that Batista won't answer the 10 count Kane, with his signature flame entrance comes out.

He  chokeslams Cena throught a Table, Batista gets back on his feet,Cena can't unser the 10 count. Winner and new WWE champion Batista plus a heel turn and main event push for Kane.

Final match: WHW championship match: Jack Swagger(c) vs Edge (Falls count anywhere)

Please, don't end Swagger's push here. Swagger should win this 15 minutes tough competition after spearing Edge and then hitting the Gutwrench twice.