NASCAR: My New (Extended) Family

Mitchell HallCorrespondent IJuly 14, 2008

For several years, a group of friends and I enjoyed the Ultimate Fantasy League interactive game on  Unfortunately, time pushed us in different directions.  

Now we hardly talk or visit, and did away with the UFL (insert derogatory comment here). 

This situation is not that much unlike Teresa and Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s fall from love. 

Fortunately for us, Junior pushed Kyle Busch out of Hendricks.  They both now have a better fit: Busch can be a bad a$$, Earnhardt can be happy with top fives like his teammates, and shave everyday. 

Fortunately for me, I have found myself a new home to be amongst the NASCAR faithful. 

Every week now, I look forward to reading the opinions of fellow writers almost as much as I look forward to asking my flesh and blood brother how many races Kyle Busch has won now. 

It is truly a gift to someone like me, sitting behind this computer everyday, without a single co-worker who so much as watches NASCAR, to have a great place like Bleacher Report to log on and express my NASCAR thoughts. 

So far this year, I have morphed from an Earnhardt-first, several-favorite-drivers-second guy to now being a Kyle Busch fan. 

I still like other drivers, even Junior, but I am not a Hendricks motor sports fan.  I hope, if you have read my stuff, you can tell I favor Kyle a bit, but my favorite part is the soap opera that NASCAR is for me. 

Contributing to my metamorphosis has been my chance to write about it on B/R.  I can write and think about it, then write and think some more. 

To conclude this article, I wanted to ask each of you that reads it for input.  A few questions that won't take a lot to answer, but it will let the next reader know that we are all here together. 

1) Who is your second favorite driver?  You can tell me No. 1 too, but the second sometime says more about you. 

2) What was your "Welcome to Bleacher Report Moment"?  Mine was the first time someone accused me of using Dale Jr.'s name to get more article reads.  I avoided his mention for the next few articles afterwards. 

3) What color M&M are you today?  I think it is a trip that the 18 crew all have different colors, right down to Kyle's having an attitude.  Today I am the brown M&M—I am feeling all natural and I have to go work in the yard!

4) Would you join me in sending a big Thank You to for allowing us to share the sport we love with each other?

Until next time... remember to take two M&M's with your NOS tonight, and call me in the morning.  This message is powered by Interstate batteries, and a heavy dose of Taurine and Vitamin B12.