UFC 112: Inconceivable!

Sterling SpiarsAnalyst IApril 11, 2010


The headline might say that this is going to be a UFC 112 and Anderson Silva bi... um, gripe session.

Yes, there will be some griping, but the UFC's first venture into Abu Dhabi might have fans shouting in an obnoxious tone like the Princess Bride's Wallace Shawn, "Inconceivable!"

Let's start with the nights first televised fight, where Kendall Grove looked to reestablish himself in the middleweight division against "The Fillipino Wrecking Machine," Mark Munoz.

Munoz survived the first round after three near-finishes in the fight by his opponent. A nice counter uppercut by Grove turned the lights of Munoz for a split second. Throw in a few tight submission attempts and many believed Grove was well on his way to victory.

Then the second round comes and Munoz was finally able to implement his brutal ground attack and finish the fight by TKO.

On a night where two championships were on the line, the best performance of the night went to these two fighters.

Grove and Munoz rightfully earned the fight of the night honors on a card that will likely carry a dark cloud of embarrassment despite the excellent performances displayed by the rest of the fighters.

The embarrassment of course, is the bizarre main event between Anderson Silva and Demian Maia. While entertaining at first, it quickly became an atrocious sight in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

Silva, in the UFC 112 post-fight press conference said that he felt Maia had disrespected him and came in to the fight to prove a point. If clowning Maia through four rounds of sparring was his point, then he succeeded.

The middleweight champion turned the fight into display of his dance moves, at one point circling away through an entire round. Referee Dan Miragliotta even warned Silva for a possible point deduction for his actions.

It almost seems like he may of coasted to a decision victory with as little actual fighting as possible. It almost seems like Silva is bored with his fights at 185 pounds, like he has no desire to give it all towards the lack of competition.

Maybe his point was that he wants better opponents, and that is when he'll give it his all.

One thing is for sure, UFC president Dana White is angry, saying things like Silva may be the first champion fighting on a prelim. It may be a bit of an over-reaction, but his face was red like a tomato after the fights.

With the rage quelled inside him, White turned the focus onto another five round fight on the card. The unsung hero of UFC 112. The lightweight championship fight between B.J. Penn and Frankie Edgar.

A close war and undoubtedly the largest upset in recent history, where the huge underdog in Frankie Edgar earned a unanimous decision victory over the consensus No. 1 lightweight in the world, B.J. Penn.

The odds were seven to one in favor of Penn. If you weren't Edgar, his family, or his friends and training camp, you weren't giving him a chance in hell to win this fight.

But Edgar came in and did his thing, displaying his speed and unpredictable movement. He forced Penn to fight his fight, mixing his attack up between combinations and takedown attempts.

Edgar even achieved something that was once thought impossible at 155 pounds, scoring a takedown on Penn. Even if it was for just a small moment, taking down Penn in the lightweight division is like finding the holy grail- it just doesn't happen.

Consider that Edgar only sheds a few pounds to make weight and it makes it appear that the holy grail is on another planet and the human species is yet to discover space travel.

Before the fight, people were saying that his got no chance against one of the pound-for-pound greats.

So many were saying Edgar should drop down to the featherweight division after the fight.

Should he now?

Seven to one odds.

Two lesser-known middleweights putting on a better performance than the nights main event.