Defending Anderson Silva: Most Enjoyable Fight Performance Ever

Margus LCorrespondent IApril 11, 2010

After I finished watching this fight I realized that I will be Anderson Silva fan for life - there is no character like him in the business of MMA.

It is obvious for everyone that Anderson Silva has the capability to finish the fight any time he desires - so the question is - why does he not do it when he defends his middle-weight belt?

Well, the 5th round really opened my eyes to the possible solution for this puzzle: When I saw Demian Maia all bloodied up with one eye shut - I did not want Silva to finish him. He was in such a sorry state that a concussion seemed inhumane at that point. And that 5th round delivered another very memorable fight moment when Demian Maia - the jiu-jitsu specialist who went to wing for the fences like there is no tomorrow. Of course I wish that he would have kept it up or do it for the full duration of the fight - but I guess against Anderson Silva it is easier said than done. Needless to say - I am Demian Maia fan for life too.

I guess my only critisism against Anderson Silva is that this comedy routing he did in the first 3 rounds - he did not keep up more. But like I say - the issue is psychological - the more damage Spider's opponent has - the less damage Anderson inflicts. He was like a cat who got tired playing with a mouse & did not want to kill the sad little thing.

I am in no way a fan of the decisions - but it is a true pleasure to watch the best  in UFC for the full 25 minutes. So I guess this makes me eat my words what I said about GSP, call what he does cuddle-and-play if you like - but he is the best in wrestling - and it is really up to the challenger to bring it. I think that is why this fight is so legendary for me is because first time in Anderson Silva's middle-weight defence - you had a challenger who did bring it even in the 5th round. Only thing better would have been if Maia would have gone for a flyin' armbar - but I guess it's just one of those times when miracles do not happen.

So I want thank Anderson "Da Spyder" Silva for opening me eyes to a new facet of the fight game, and remember - respect the fighters, especially the champions, they have worked so hard to get there - and even if you do not agree with them - they are AWESOME and can do whatever the f*ck they want!