2010 NFL Draft: Detroit Fans Can Only Thank Jimmy Clausen after His Pro Day

Oliver SethContributor IJune 9, 2016

Scott Halleran/Getty Images


Clausen isn't one hundred percent, but is he number two overall?

Is Clausen worth the second selection in this year's NFL Draft?

No Detroit, before you get your feathers all ruffled, I'm not saying Detroit should take him.

I'm just saying he helps Detroit in their pursuit to trade down and Clausen's chances of being a top five selection.

The question is now, to whom could Detroit trade with?

While many speculators have Clausen going to either the Browns, Bills, Jaguars or Seahawks and potentially the Vikings or Cardinals if he were to fall that far.

We do know one thing and that is that teams are interested in this former Notre Dame product.

That helps narrow the trade market a bit doesn't it, but having 21 teams in attendance for Clausen's pro day including the teams listed just helped increase the market and also some teams that were there just to see how Clausen would perform.

Including the Detroit Lions.

Now, you may ask why was Detroit anywhere near the facility?

The answer to that question is simple. Clausen represents the best chance to trade the second overall selection to any team.

While Clausen himself is no need for the Lions, his ability to play is what captures the Lions' interest.

And boy, Clausen was near flawless in his pro day missing only two pass attempts, while fellow QB prospect Bradford only missed one. This showed that he can be up there in accuracy and the two attempts that were missed were just flat out overthrown.

Teams like Cleveland have not completely denied trading up to second pick, but have said they are not going to select QB Jimmy Clausen.

But why trade up if to completely secure a player like Clausen?

And teams like Bills hide their playing card, noting that they will wait for Florida prospect Tim Tebow in the second round.

While the other teams have shown slight interest in the QB and will leave it at that.

One thing we do know, Clausen helped Detroit in trade talks for that second selection and that is all we know from a spectators view.

Jimmy not only did fantastic at his pro day, he did it 75 percent another bargaining chip Detroit may have with suitors.

Imagine, what teams could have with Clausen at 100 percent, wouldn't you want to trade up and secure this future franchise QB?

Then Clausen was asked himself what he projects himself to be and saying,

"I could go top five, top 10, I could go in the second round, I really don't know," he said. My name's going to get called and I'm going to have a lot of fun."

Now, this was by no means is a bad answer for a player, but he tried not to completely tip his hand in Detroit's favor by mentioning who he has and planned on visiting does again show teams are interested.

The question Detroit needs to ask, is the price right?

To me, if any team we're to offer a trade up in the top ten their selection and a few later round picks would be more then enough to trade down and save millions.

But that's me.