Defending Anderson "The Spider" Silva

Dustin KimbrellContributor IApril 11, 2010

Many of you more than likely witnessed the five-round lackluster fight between Anderson Silva and challenger Demian Maia. Joe Rogan said it best, "The first half of the fight, Silva put on a clinic, and then shut down" While I will admit that 'The Spider's" antics during the fight were a terrible show of class, I, along with the friends I watched it with, found his actions rather entertaining.

Georges St-Pierre would never think about doing anything along the lines of taunting an opponent, as he could have done to Dan Hardy just a few weeks ago at UFC 111. Maybe that is why I find the welterweight champion's fights to be totally boring. The first two rounds when Silva was striking and throwing those nasty kicks to the legs, he had the fight won. Demian Maia would never engage and that's exactly what "The Spider" wanted to do. Why should Silva engage when he already has the bout won? GSP won't stand with his opponents, because he doesn't want to lose the coveted title, in my mind, that is exactly what Anderson just did.

Playing it safe, the GSP tactic. No one gets mad when GSP does it, what's so different about Anderson doing it? It wasn't Silva's job to engage the fight. His job was to retain the title. If you want someone to blame for that fight not living up to the hype, point your finger at Demian Maia. As the challenger, it is your responsibility to go out and try to take the championship. Maia did nothing. He had nothing to offer the decorated champion. This contest, was simply GSP vs Dan Hardy all over again. Just someone to fill the slot while another challenger steps up.

Anderson Silva should not lose any fans because of his performance. He did his job, that title is still around his waist. His next fight, whenever it may be, will be nothing more than a thorough beat-down of his opponent. The last time "The Spider" disappointed in the famous octagon, UFC 97, against Thales fight..UFC 101..The destruction of Forest Griffin..Look for a repeat after his performance tonight.