Brett Favre Deserves Better Than This! Or Does He?

Rodney SouthernCorrespondent IJuly 14, 2008

Everyone seems to be chiming in on Brett Favre and his retirement/non-retirement, so I figured I would throw my two cents in as well.

The large majority of people I have talked to seem to think that Favre is somehow wrong to be doing what he is doing.

I say hogwash. Favre is an athlete that still has something left in the tank.

Bottom line: Favre took his team to the playoffs this past season and came very close to enjoying another Super Bowl. This is not a man that is washed up and is no longer able to contribute.   

Favre has every right to change his mind about retirement. Retiring is the single biggest decision that any pro athlete can make, and many have undone retirements in the past. The Green Bay Packers should have known that was a possibility.  

Should Green Bay scrap all they have done in the offseason to welcome Brett back?

That depends on Green Bay. They are the only ones that know if it is a smart move for the franchise from a monetary, personnel, and team perspective.  

Should Green Bay try to force Brett to backup a man that is clearly not his equal? Not a chance. If they are not willing to take Brett back in a logical way, then they should trade or release him. He has earned that right from them many times over.   

Brett Favre is Green Bay.  

Should Brett sign with another team? Absolutely he should, if Green Bay is not in line with his wishes. His time is numbered, and he does not have any room for playing mind games with the Green Bay front office. This was not something that happened a week before kickoff.   

Give the man a break, and let him continue to excite us on the NFL playing field. I have to tell you, that if he were to come down here to Carolina, he would be welcomed with open arms. I suspect any other NFL town that has suspect quarterbacks would feel the same.