WWE: Who is the Future of the WWE

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IJuly 14, 2008

Its a constant thought on everybody's mind. Who will become WWE's top star once Triple H, HBK, and John Cena decide to hang it up? WWE is full of young talent ready and willing to fill the spot, but who will it be? Lets take a look at some of WWE's bright up and comers.


CM Punk:

I have been reading articles lately and everybody is bashing CM Punk because they think he can't wrestle. The real problem is WWE has never gave him a match that lasted longer than 12 minutes. There are not many moves you can do in a 5 minute match on ECW. Now hes the World Heavyweight Champion and this could be good or bad. He could go on to have a nice little title reign and become a star like his fellow Raw competitors John Cena or he could end up like Bobby Lashley and let the success go threw his head. CM Punk should be the face of the company in years to come. I don't care what you people think Punk is a great talent. Its really stupid to bash Punk just because he has never been given a chance to shine in the ring. Is Punk the futrue of the WWE? Its very possible, and in my opinion he is the face of the new generation.


John Morrison:

Two words, unlimited potential! Unfortunately I said the same thing about Shelton Benjamin two years ago. Morrison has it all looks, mic skills, great in-ring moves, and an attitude to match. He should be the top heel in the WWE once Edge and Orton decide they have had enough. He is so easy to hate. Hes self absorbed and really is a pompous jerk. Morrison has a long way to go before he reaches the top of the mountain, but I hope he makes it. Is John Morrison the future of the WWE? Its possible, only time will tell.


Ken Kennedy:

I've compared him to The Rock on many occasions due to his condescending humor and he has a shot at becoming as successful (in the WWE) as the Rock, if he plays his cards right that is. Hes also not to bad in the ring. I just loved his program with HBK last January. Give him a little time to biuld himself up and then (hopfully) he will get some rub from Taker, Edge, and Triple H and become a big time player on Smackdown. So is Kennedy the future of WWE? It kinda depends on how he is used on Smackdown he was set to be pushed last year, but got injured and had to give his Money in the Bank shot to Edge, and had to start from sratch again.



MVP is just one of the bright young stars on Smackdown and if WWE dosen't puts him over (and give him new attire) he might become a star one of these days. Hes awesome on the mike and can get good matches out of any body on any given night, he usually has longer matches and has gone the distance with Matt Hardy and Batista. MVP is not that great, he does have allot of problems. He can't get over and the fans just don't give a s*** about him. Thats his biggest problem. So is MVP the future of the WWE? He would have to be moved to Raw and get over like crazy first, but yes he will be one of the WWEs main stays in the years to come.


There are other young stars on their way up the WWE ladder that I didn't mention, but in the coming years WWE will be looking for a new top star to lead there company and will any luck it will be one of the guys above.