Who's Better, HBK Or Y2J?

Travis SmithAnalyst IIApril 10, 2010

LOS ANGELES, CA - JULY 11:  Wrestler Chris Jericho arrives at the Celebrity Lock Room presents 'An All Star Night at the Mansion' at the Playboy Mansion on July 11, 2006 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)
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 A lot of people seem to love wrestlers who have been done it all in the biz and have been a top guy in the wrestling industry like Triple H, John Cena, Kurt Angle, and many others. People also love to see wrestlers bust their ass to give the fans the best show possible each and every night because that’s how wrestlers are suppose to be in the industry. So when you think about wrestling, you have to think about who is the greatest wrestler of all time? There are so many great wrestlers in the company today and there were many greats in the past as well but I am going to give you the wrestling fans a chance to voice out your opinion, each week I am going to start a poll on wrestlers and I want you the fans to vote on who was better and maybe if you want, leave a comment down on the bottom explaining your vote.

This will be a segment that I like to call, “Who’s better” and well I will give you a person’s career in a small retrospect and then give you his accomplishments and that wrestlers five greatest matches in his career in my opinion. After you read about the wrestler and maybe look at the link’s below which include their career in a chronological time line, I want you to vote on who you think is the better wrestler. I have sixty four wrestlers from WCW, WWE/WWF, and TNA so you will see match up’s of current stars against past stars. There really weren’t any requirements except that you had to be a former world champion to even be considered on this list. This experiment will really give fans a challenging time on deciding who is better and it will really make you appreciate that wrestler’s effort in the industry. After I go through all the match ups, I will get the thirty two winners and line them up on an article and then have you the fans vote on who is the greatest wrestler of all time and have a slide show on their accomplishments. This is something that fans love to talk about and now fans can vote on who they think is the greatest wrestler of all time is.

So without further ado, I am here by announcing the first match-up right now and its two guys who have a lot in common and who have really had some great matches against each other in their careers. These two men are future hall of famers and they are the first match up that you the fans will vote on in this weekly challenge, they are Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho.

Shawn Michaels

HBK has just recently retired at WrestleMania 26 by having an absolute classic against The Undertaker. Shawn’s career can be summed up into one word, amazing. Shawn seemed to have done it all when it comes to look at his accolades and watching some of his all time great matches throughout his career but Shawn has almost been amazing outside of the ring by becoming a reborn Christian and really changing his life for the better after years of irresponsible actions.

When it comes to wrestling, Shawn has been considered by many superstars and personalities as the greatest wrestler of all time. HBK’s twenty year career has been full of ups and downs wither by his own doings or by others. Shawn also got into a lot of tough situations too in his career including the famed “Montreal Screwjob” in 1997.

But overall Shawn has been able to entertain millions of people each time he went out to the ring either on the mic or by wrestling. At one time, people considered Shawn to be untouchable in the ring because he was able to have a five star match with just about anybody and he was able to suck the crowd into what he was saying.

Overall Shawn has done it all and he is going to be in the WWE hall of fame one of these days but he may be the greatest wrestler in history.

Accomplishments: Four Time WWE/World Champion, Three Time IC Champion, One Time European Champion, Four Time WWE Tag Team Champion, Two Time Royal Rumble Winner (1995 and 1996), and was the WWE’s first ever Grand Slam Champion.

Top Five Matches:

1.       WrestleMania X: HBK vs. Razor Ramon for the IC Title in a Ladder Match

2.       WrestleMania 12: HBK vs. Bret Hart for the WWF Title in a 60 Min Iron Man Match

3.       WrestleMania 21: HBK vs. Kurt Angle

4.       No Mercy 2008: HBK vs. Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight Title in a Ladder Match

5.       WrestleMania 25: HBK vs. The Undertaker


Chris Jericho

The man who use to call himself “The King of the world” has now actually become one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time. Jericho was so poorly used in WCW because of his size so Jericho decided to go to WWE in 1999 and ever since then, he has become one of the biggest stars that the WWE has created.

Jericho has a lot of the same wrestling style as Shawn Michaels had and yet Jericho usually isn’t even considered to be on HBK’s level but Jericho has done a lot of the same things that HBK has done if not better. Jericho can wrestle just about anybody and have a great match, Jericho can really work the stick either as a heel or a baby face, and Jericho can carry the company as champion.

Chris Jericho may never be considered the best at singing but he has to taken seriously as a wrestler. Chris is at the point in his career where he can work with any young guy and really make him into a legit superstar I mean just look at all the guys he has really put over in his career; Rey Mysterio, John Cena, Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, Shelton Benjamin and many others.

So at the end of the day, when you look at Chris Jericho’s career, I am sure you will really appreciate all of his effort he has put into the industry and you also may end up considering him as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

Accomplishments: Six Time WWE/ World Champion, Nine Time IC Champion, Six Time WWE Tag Team Champion, One Time European Champion, Five Time WCW Cruiserweight Champion, The first ever undisputed champion, and a Grand Slam Champion.

Top Five Matches:

1.       1998 Great American Bash: Jericho vs. Dean Malenko for the Cruiserweight Title

2.       WrestleMania 19: Jericho vs. HBK

3.       2005 ECW One Night Stand: Jericho vs. Lance Storm

4.       2009 The Bash: Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio for the IC Title and Rey’s Mask

5.       WWE Superstar’s 2009 Show: Chris Jericho vs. John Morrison



So now it is time for you the wrestling fan to vote on who you think is better between these two and why. I would love to hear all of you feedback and please remember to get the word out there about these articles because the more people that read and leave more feedback, the better it will be for the wrestling fans to hear what others believe and maybe even get some new fans to start watching wrestling and such. Thank you very much and remember to comment on this.



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