Stacey King Needs To Go Far Far Away

Michael Gibbons@DachicagofanCorrespondent IIApril 10, 2010

Forward Stacey King of the Chicago Bulls (left).
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Stop it. Get out of here. If you are scared go buy a dog. Stewie.

It needs to stop.

Stacy King needs to go away.

I havee not been a fan of Stacey King since the Bulls brought him in to help fill in for ohnny "Red" Kerr towards the end of his career. I was even less of a fan when Kerr stopped going on road trips and King would get sent. Then I got mad when it became a 3 man team calling home games with King, Tom Dore and Kerr. But when Kerr retired due to health reasons and Tom Dore stepped aside or pushed out the door to allow Stacey and promote radio play by play guy Neil Funk to call games I got pissed.

Stacy was not a very good player. He is not very knowledgable. But worse of all he comes up with awful lines. Some of those are what I started the article with but click here for more.

I just can't stand it anymore. This isn't an and1 video this is the NBA. You aren't calling games out in a parking lot you are in a stadium with 20,000 fans in attendance and millions watching at home that are forced to listen to you.

I normally dislike when national guys come in to call games in any sport. For the Hawks we have Eddie O and Pat Foley, it doesn't get better then that. The Cubs have Len Kasper and Brenley who have gotten much better and might be one of the best duos in baseball. I'm not a Sox fan but Steve Stone is an all-time great and Hawk comes up with some good stuff. With baseball maybe it is just because I hate the FOX and ESPN baseball guys, they all seem to have something against Chicago, cough Joe Morgan cough. For hockey usually Eddie is still involved calling the game because he works for NBC and Spike but anyone he works with is awful compared to Foley. But with the Bulls I pray for it. Please give me Jeff Van Gundy, Marc Jackson, Reggie Miller, I'll even take Charles Barkley just about anyone that allows me not to listen to King go on and on.

It is so bad at times that I question if Funk left and went to the bathroom  or went to grab a strong drink at the bar because it seems like he never shuts up.

Isn't there any other former Bull during the champiosnhip era that would be interested in the job? I know a lot of them have gotten involved in coaching but still someone must be looking for a pay day. Also since we are on the subject why does Kendall Gill have a a job here? He spent 1 year playing for the Bulls and didn't end his career here. I know he is from here and went to U of I but again I ask isn't there anyone better?

Promote Bill Wennington from radio to TV. He worked with Funk for years and I always enjoyed listening to them on the radio.

If not Bill how about Horace Grant or Toni Kukoc, seriously I'll take anyone.

I think what annoys me most about Stacey is when he rips on players that really aren't good. Here is a news flash to Stacey,YOU WEREN'T THAT GOOD!!!!!

In his 8 years he averaged 6.4 points and 3.3 rebounds and less then 1 in assists, blocks and steals. If you watch the video you will hear him rip on Kwame Brown and says how small his hands are and how he really isn't an offensive threat.  Let's compare shall we. Kawame who has also played 8 years in the league and has averaged 6.7 points 5.4 rebounds 1 assist and .6 block and steals. He also has played in 80 more games then King had during his career. Both are 6'11 as well where Kwame is listed at 270 lbs, King is listed at 211 in his NBA profile, not sure if that was his rookie year or what but King is closer to 411 then he is 211 now.

King is my mind was just another backup power forward during that time that included the likes of Scott Williams, Jason Caffey, Dickie Simpkins and Brian Williams (who was by far the best of them all). They were all the same they were somewhere between 6'9 -6'11 averaged 5-7 points and 2-5 rebounds and basically just give Horace, Rodman or one of the centers a rest if Phil went small.

I think the reason we have Stacey King, Kendall Gill and Vinny Del Negro can be answered with one question. Chairman of the Board Jerry Reinsdorf. He doesn't want to spend the money on a coach or media guys which is why I have big questions this summer about the Bulls making big moves. They will fill the cap space, I know that but will they fill it properly.

Maybe I'm just being crazy but now that the Bears have signed Julius Peppers and then released Alex Brown, I worry if the Bulls sign Wade or whoever will the bench then be filled out with D leaguers.

Maybe that is why they are keeping King around.

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