Fickle Toronto Fans: Can Fletcher Trade Them Too?

Mark MakuchCorrespondent IJuly 14, 2008

This summer has brought out a very interesting kind of Toronto Maple Leafs fan. The kind the was previously reserved for Baseball. The kind that says with disdain, "There's no way they can win with this lineup!"

They are the kind of fans that require every signing to come with a 100 percent guarantee stating something like this:

"This signing has been approved by the hockey gods. It is hereby 100 percent guaranteed that this signing will result in the Toronto Maple Leafs winning the Stanely Cup this year. May as well go out and celebrate now."

I am beginning to wish Fletcher could trade these fans too and send them packing like he did Tucker, Wellwood, and Raycroft.

Why? Because the season isn't even close to starting and all these "fans" are complaining about Finger, Grabovski, and even Luke freaking Schenn.


Wait. One more time. THEY HAVEN'T PLAYED A GAME YET!

So until we actually see Finger and Grabovski, and Frogren, Hagman, and maybe even Schenn in action, please refrain from the fickle judgment. Fletcher has done exactly what he said he would do—get younger, tougher, and more defensive.

He didn't say the Leafs would win it all. Far from it. In fact, he said this year would likely be a step back.

So all of you so-called fans who think Fletcher has given away too many picks or has signed overrated players, just like the last Leafs GM, please wait until they at least start playing under coach Wilson before you actually form your opinion.

Until then, its just woefully uninformed and simple minded. This is not about being a homer. This is about actually having a thoughtful opinion rather than a knee-jerk reaction where you put your fickle fan status on clear display.

If it turns out that Fletcher has bombed out and his signings amount to another pile of sad sacks, we can all have a ton of fun picking him apart. But until then, you're fickleness is way too Blue Jays Baseball for me. Go post on the MLB page.

If you're thinking about the Leafs at all on July 14 before the start of a rebuilding season without their top scorer, it's way too easy to simply complain. You've got to do better than that.