TUF 11's Jamie Yager Is Making a Quick Name For Himself: Obnoxious

Michael EastContributor IApril 9, 2010

In Season 1 of The Ultimate Fighter, it was Josh Koscheck.

 In Season 10 it was MMA veteran Wes Sims.

In every season of TUF there seems to be one guy….or should I say “that guy”, that guy that can’t play well with others. That guy that thinks having “fun” is messing with other guys until someone is about to be punched in the face. It was probably “that kid” growing up that teachers were always talking to, and that kid who couldn’t make it through one year without four or five unplanned parent-teacher conferences.

Meet Jamie Yager.

At 6’2” this loud mouthed Side Show Bob look alike has made a quick name for himself on the latest cast of TUF 11 (Liddell vs. Ortiz).

In the opening night of TUF, Yager is paired with Ben Stark for his initial shot at a permanent bed in the fighter’s house. Jamie comes out quick and makes a fierce statement with a series of head kicks that chop Ben Stark to the mat to do a little day dreaming.

Not too long after getting in the house, wait, let me re-phrase that. The very first night in the house, he and two other fighters run around blasting an air horn at 3am just for kicks. Shockingly, not all the fighters find this as funny as the three responsible.  Kyacey Uscola, who is awoken from the nonsense, attempts to make a couple comments to end the fun but is only met with giggling……yes, the same kind of giggling found at summer camp.

The remainder of the show involves none other than Yager, in what seems to be at least three more instances of annoying other members of the house, with the only other thing that hurts more than Jamie Yagers kicks….His Mouth.

If you have seen the previews of next week, guess what? More shenanigans of Yager, and things look to get heated.

This isn’t Yagers first gig on a reality show. Yager was also a contestant on BET’s “Iron Ring”. I’m sensing that Yager may be more concerned with being in front of a camera instead of an opponent.

Way to go Yager. Take this time to be known for your skill, and land a career rather than still trying to be the cool guy at the party.