Curry, Evans, Jennings: And The Rookie of The Year Award Goes To...

Brandon Ribak@reebokforthreeSenior Writer IApril 9, 2010

After what has been nothing short of a spectacular season, it's time to present the top three young guns that have shattered expectations and simply out-performed their entire rookie draft class.


Brandon Jennings (PG, MIL)

"That 18-year-old guard out of high-school that went to Europe for a year" really turned out to be a success story.

After dropping a ridiculous 55 points against the Golden State Warriors in only his seventh career NBA game, all eyes were on the quick, swaggerish point-guard.

Jennings continued his impressive play during the month of October before slowly coming back to reality.

But with the season nearing its end, Jennings still ranks amongst the top rooks, with a resume well-deserving of the ROY award.


Tyreke Evans (PG, SAC)

While Jennings returned to being a human, Evans had already began to establish himself with the Sacramento Kings.

After a full season, Evans will be one of only a short list of players to have ever averaged 20+ PPG, 5+ RPG, and 5+ APG during their rookie season.

To make the the fun fact even more compelling, three of the other players to do so are LeBron James, Oscar Robertson, and Michael Jordan.

In addition to his stellar season, Evans became one of only six players to get a triple-double during their rookie year.


Stephen Curry (PG, GS)

Entering the NBA, many questioned whether or not Curry would be able to transfer his Davidson days over to the NBA, mostly because of his small stature.

After competing for nearly an entire season, it's apparent that Curry's tiny physique was never an issue.

The 22-year-old leads all rookies in APG, SPG, FT%, and 3PM, and has arguably one of the sweetest strokes in the league.

Curry's seemingly effortless play on the court has sky-rocketed his value to the top of the rookie list and coming off of close to a quadruple-double, there's no doubt that the guard has more than a good chance to snatch the award.


So who will win? Comment below and let me know your thoughts!