Boxing In Particular: Floyd's Camp, Calzaghe Comeback and More...

John Louie RamosSenior Writer IApril 9, 2010

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In this week's edition of Boxing In Particular, we'll take a sneak peak at Floyd Mayweather Jr's training camp in Las Vegas. According to reports Mayweather has been consistently knocking out his sparring partners.

The week that was also saw rumors of former super middleweight champion Joe Calzaghe's possible return to the squared ring.

Plus some notes on Berto-Quintana, Darchinyan-Donaire II and a possible Pacquiao-Williams showdown.

On with the news!

Mayweather Camp Intensifies

With less than a month to go before the much anticipated bout between six-time world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. and WBA welterweight king Shane Mosley, reports are that Mayweather is looking sharp day after day.

Quoting from ;

"Mayweather has made the gym his home, sometimes doubling-up boxing sessions before heading outside to run like a hare through the streets, parks and hills of Las Vegas."

Mayweather also gave a huge amount of respect to Mosley saying that the 38-year-old battle-tested veteran is among the best of this era.

However, Mayweather assured that come May 1, people will see a different "Money May."

My thoughts on this one: Mayweather TKO on the ninth round

Calzaghe on the Brink of a Comeback?

After nearly two years being away from the boxing limelight, Joe Calzaghe might have been allured to the glitz and glamor that the sport brings.

During a press conference conducted by Golden Boy Promotions for the Mayweather-Mosley bout, the Welsh, in street clothes, was introduced to the public. (of course, who would go to a press conference naked)

He might have been walking his dog or something but it wasn't the case.

From his statements, Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer seems to suggest that something is going on in the negotiation table.

Schaefer revealed that he would like to talk to Calzaghe and to the winner of the Jones-Hopkins rematch which the banker hopes will be Hopkins. Eventually it was Hopkins.

The executive also said that due to the controversial nature of the first fight between Calzaghe and Hopkins, he envisions that a rematch will be a big hit.

Some Other Thoughts...


WBC welterweight champion, Andre Berto, may still be feeling the pain of losing thousands of his countrymen in his native Haiti and he certainly has hands full against former WBO welterweight champion Carlos Quintana but both of it won't be an issue.

This is the biggest test for the undefeated champion's reign but the favorite son of Haiti is up for the challenge, the death toll of 230,000 and the 1 million homeless Haitians will be an added motivation.

Berto TKO win on the eighth round.

Berto's superior strength and handspeed is no match against Quintana's ring intelligence.

Next Case!

Darchinyan-Donaire rematch

Perhaps the biggest rivalry in the lighter divisions in our recent memory, Darchinyan says that he will exact revenge against Donaire -- the man who knocked him out inside five rounds nearly three years ago.

Donaire on the other hand says that he might cancel his fight in May (although there isn't any scheduled) to concentrate on his bitter foe.

Seriously, this match could go either way. One thing that just bugs me is the billing, is it going to be referred as "Darchinyan-Donaire" or "Donaire-Darchinyan"?

Each one has his point, each one has his bragging rights.

Next Case!

Pacquiao-Williams Possible?

Three-time world champion Paul Williams revealed his desire to fight world recognized pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao. Williams, considered as the most feared man in boxing, even solidified his chances at the Pacquiao lottery when he added that he can still move down at 147lbs given there's a viable fight at the weight class.

Realistically, I believe that Pacquiao will not be able to handle Williams' huge height and reach advantage, so if ever this becomes a reality I'll go with a UD win for Williams.

But come to think of it, that's what we all said about Oscar de La Hoya and by now, we all knew how that ended.

In the grand scheme of things, Pacquiao might just surprise us. He already did surprise me -- it never occurred to me that his solo album would sell more than 20 copies.

Next Case! Next Case! Next Case!