A Push For Kane? The Fans Think So.

Shane BarryContributor IApril 9, 2010

One of the main things that I see people write about these days is "How to WWE can improve its product" and many valid points have been made, but one thing seems to pop up in them and other forums on the internet, give Kane a push and make him a monster again. He is one of the better big man workers in recent memory and has earned the fans respect.

I believe the reason for this is becuase most fans look back fondly at what Kane's character was. It was a superhuman that was impervious to pain and an all round badass. Oh and did I mention the Undertaker's brother. The last reason alone is enough for WWE to have not have his character fall into disrepair, as well as the fact that he was billed as an equal if not more powerful as the Undertaker early in his career.

Now, I know that Glen Jacobs, the person who plays Kane, has said that he would rather put younger talent "over", but does this mean that he has to constantly lose to new talent? Even though in these matches/feuds he is still made out to be a powerful foe, but not mixing it up in the main event scene just undoes everything. Another reason for Kane to get a push, is that I for one is bored of seeing the same thing happen. Someone new debut's, runs around for a week beating wrestlers and then Kane comes out scares them only for Kane to lose at the next PPV.

There are many ways that WWE can turn Kane back into a "monster", and I have seen quite a few good ways on the internet, but in my opinion I think that it involves bring back the mask. Even though he lacks that huge muscular physique he had 1997-2001, Jacobs still plays the character well. I think that WWE should take him off television for around a year (I realise that Glen Jacobs is in his early 40's but he has said in an interview that his body is not telling him to quit yet) then have promos air for weeks and have him return attacking one of the main faces in WWE, and give him a run with the WWE championship. Then wham, the main event scene is freshened up, aswell as possably bring some of the older fans back to watch a familiar face as champion.

 I could go more in depth with this but I think everyone gets my message.

That concludes this article, I hope everyone enjoyed it and feel free to share your thoughts.