2010 NFL Draft: The Detroit Lions' Search For a DB

Oliver SethContributor IApril 9, 2010

AUBURN, AL - NOVEMBER 24:  Defensive back Kareem Jackson #3 of the Alabama Crimson Tide reaches back to knock down a pass intended for Rodgeriqus Smith #80 of the Auburn Tigers at Jordan-Hare Stadium on November 24, 2007 in Auburn, Alabama. (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
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Welcome to Revis Island. Population: Shutdown.

Oh boy, imagine the happiness New York fans get when they hear that sentence. Detroit, don't you wish you had your own Revis Island? Well, today is your lucky day.

The 2010 Draft is filled top to bottom with prospects that could very well be, the next Darelle Revis, Detroit has the opportunity to snag some of these players.

In an article I wrote yesterday for Detroit's pursuit of a No. One RB for the team, http://bleacherreport.com/articles/375674-detroit-lions-quest-for-the-number-one-back-who-could-it-be

Today, I feel the need to do the same for a Corner and Safety.

Don't get me wrong, Detroit has made good moves for Chris Houston and Johnathon Wade this off season, but there is still the need to draft a Corner in the draft, if not Safety.

There are four prospects, that fit Detroit very well in character and play ability, Kareem Jackson, Dominique Franks, Donovan Warren, and Jeromy Miles.

While there are many other players that could be selected, because the draft is so deep at the position, these four guys lead each of there respective round projects for position.

Kareem Jackson and Dominique Franks are the best two corner options for the second and third round based on selection.

First off, we'll start with Kareem Jackson.

Jackson is the fifth rated corner on my board, and with the other four likely selected in round one, Jackson immediately becomes the best available. While Robinson and Cook could also be thrown into the argument, Jackson is the best corner to be selected for Detroit for several reasons.

Jackson is one of the most, if not the most competitive corner left on the board, and Nick Saban has left rave reviews on his former player. Even though Saban advised him to stay one more year with the team.

Throughout his career, Jackson was known as a, "Shutdown" Corner, ring a bell anyone?

But to back that statement, Jackson has very good route recognition, and is athletic enough to react to opposing receiver, while being able to anticipate the ball and break up the pass, and he can read running fast enough to jump the perimeter. Which is why he is very aggressive on the line of scrimmage, protects the edge and has the ability to force the back inside.

 Jackson excelled while in his final season. He started all nine games, and officially received the moniker of shutdown corner while helping the Tide rank second in the nation on pass efficiency (90 percent) and recorded 27 tackles and a interception(for being a shutdown corner you can expect lower numbers) along with nine pass breakups and ten passes defended, both were top five in the SEC.

The other corner I mentioned earlier Dominique Franks from Oklahoma.

He posses much of the same qualities as Jackson, but the vision he has is much lower then would be expected of him, which is why he is ninth on my board and likely a third round selection.

He also has the ability to be a shutdown corner and literally take away one side of the field for the passer. One thing he does have on Jackson, he could be a returner, something Detroit should also address at some point in the draft.

In 2009, Franks started every game for the Sooners, and compiled 42 tackles and two int's and in the return game, was able to return punts (17 yards on average per attempt) and the occasional 19 yard return on kickoffs, showed he could very valuable for any team. While he also displays draft and is physical, his cocky attitude could be very helpful for him in his draft pursuit.

Now, onto safeties.

Detroit did very well with defensive rookie of the year, Louis Delmas, in last year's draft. But grabbing a compliment to Delmas could very well be in the wings for Detroit.

The first player that immediately grabs my attention is Michigan product, Donovan Warren.

As a Wolverine fan, I was able to see Warren first hand in the few games I attended this year, and he was great in my eyes. He is not the best player on the board in the second round but as we enter the third, he could be the best selection for the team as for he is the sixth rated prospect behind Mays, Allen, Berry, Chancellor, and Lewis.

Warren had the potential of being a first or second day pick, but with below par 40's his stock took a tremendous fall.

While another year could have helped him, just like Jackson, he elected to move onto the next level finishing 2009 as a All Big-Ten first team player, had 66 tackles, four int's and 11 passes defended. While also his ability to maintain the drive to win, and love for the game.

Onto the final subject for safety, Detroit should also keep an eye on is Jeromy Miles out of UMass.

Miles, is projected last day pick, and worth the flier for Detroit at free safety.

He began his career at Navy but transferred to UMass the following year. He finished 2009 as one of UMass' best defender and selected as a First Team player, while playing in 13 games, starting 11 of them, and finished the season with 61 tackles, two int's and two forced fumbles. Not only that was a impact from the day he transferred, and that's only good signs for Detroit.

Well whose island will it be? Jackson Isle, Warren Prison, Mile Island, or Franks Field. Or even another name called. Detroit, its your call.