Age Aint Nothin' But A Number

Angie MeyerContributor IIApril 9, 2010
As of late, we've been so impressed by our golden legends who've returned to the public and sporting world with intense passion and dedication. The leadership role-models who've continued to prove that age is a state-of-mind, and not a state of physicality.
In the past month we've watch a man whose lived through eight decades, Buzz Aldrin, undergo intense training in ballroom dance, and this week, we'll watch 60-year old Tom Watson play The Masters. Defying his age, Tom Watson continuously shows the youngin's how the Masters is won.
Throughout the late 70's and early 80's Tom Watson was one of the leading players in the world. Having won eight championships, he sat atop the PGA money list five times. Throughout his tenure, he's won an astounding number of Major Championships including; five Open Championships, two Masters Titles, and one U.S. open title. Tom Watson's competitive spirit towards rival Jack Nicklaus fueled the fabulousness and popularity of golf in the late 1970's, and the only tournament he's not held a title has been the PGA Championship. Easily called a Golf-God in his day, he fits the trifecta of fabulosity that remains even-still.
Last year, Tom Watson showed the world his age-defying talents, by leading the 2009 Open Championship. He lost the tournament in a four-hold playoff, but reinterpreted his inspirational tune for older golfers everywhere.
Maintaing the ultimate golf physique, Tom Watson stands at 5 feet 9 inches, and weighs in a perfect 160 pounds. Known for the length of his drive and pin-point accuracy, he's able to play a super aggressive game against his competitors.
In addition, our inspirational diamond is known to be one of the best bad-weather golfers of all time, which could be why he's excelled in the damp Georgia terrain over the past 15 hours.
Yesterday, Tom Watson held the board and remained leader of the pack, surpassing the younger more athletically versatile players such as 29-year old Adam Scott (who is absolutely GORGEOUS by the way, Google-able), and 26-year old Charl Schwartzel.
He's going to be fun to watch, and definitely a gem to cheer for. Inspiration for our older generation that's been manifested through a golf ball, onto the green, and through our hearts..
Thomas Sturges Watson
Title: Professional Golfer
Birthdate: September 4, 1949
Birthplace: Kansas City, Missouri
University: Stanford. Tom played on the Stanford Golf Team while earning a degree in Psychology. He graduated from Stanford in 1971.
Golf Career Notable Wins: Champions Tour (13), PGA Tour (39), Japan Golf Tour (4)
Honors: PGA Player of the Year ('77-'80, '82, '84), PGA leading money-winner ('77-'80, '84), Vardon Trophy ('77-'79), World Golf Hall of Fame ('88), Payne Steward Award ('93), Bob Jones Award ('87), Old Tom Morris Award ('92)
Lifelong Dedication Off The Green: In 2003, Tom Watson lost his good friend and Caddy, Bruce Edwards, to the bone degenerative disease, called ALS. Watson lost his dear friend the opening day of The Masters. He's since co-founded a charity called Driving4Life that provides support for those suffering from this horrible disease.
Truly a remarkable man.
Stay Lovely,