Seattle Seahawks: NFL Draft Update and Carroll's Five Year Plan

Bubba GillContributor IApril 9, 2010

The long title has a very interesting story behind it, let me explain.

I ran across an article on the web, basically saying that someone working in the organization or a friend of someone working in the organization has heard these rumors first hand. I really do not know if these are true but I will interpret what I have read. I will refer to this person as Mr.X, original enough?

We will have three years of pain that we as Seattle Seahawks fans will be doing. Mr.X states that the organization has a "vision." That vision is to basically lose or not try to win for the next three years.

By not winning the Seattle Seahawks will basicly stockpile prime talent for the next two to three years, therefore establishing a foundation of talent. Not only does the Seahawk's owner Paul Allen know this but endorses it. Pete Carroll has a grand scheme and Mr. Allen will give him full command of this "plan" for the next five years.

Mr.Allen does not want anymore .500 winning teams, he simply wants to be an "elite" franchise, even if that means sacrificing wins for high draft picks.

This truly makes sense of the trade of Tapp and Sims, and the release of Burleson, Grant.

We will have one year of hope that will come in the next three to four years, when we begin to see the hope of this soon to be young, elite franchise.

In the next four or five years this great organization hopes to win it all, the 2015 Superbowl.

Mr.X did make these bold predictions for this years draft:

A) At number 6, it will either be Trent Williams or Eric Berry. Apparently the organization is arguing internally. The front office has the belief that Williams will be there at 14, but Williams stock is rising.

B) Depending on who was selected at number 6 determines where we go at number 14. If  Williams was selected look for Morgan, Haden or Earl Thomas. If Berry was selected look for best available left tackle.

Also keep in mind that this pick could easily be traded away for a second round pick this year and another first round pick next year. The stipulation though is that if they trade this pick away it will only be to a "losing" organization.

C) The players to look for in the second round include Matthews, Best, Atkins, and Gilyard.

The Seattle Seahawks will also not be afraid to trade up in the second to get one or possibly two of these players. According to Mr.X this is the reason for the stockpiling of the fourth and fifth round draft picks.

D) Charlie Whitehurst is really going to be given a chance to start in the upcoming years. The reason he only has a two year contract is that if he fails he will only cost minimal damage to the Seahawks.

E) Brandon Marshall is still a possibility. Dez Bryant is not because the Seahawks think he had a poor outing, and may possibly ask for too much money.

F) Iupati and Spiller will not be in a Seahawk uniform.

Mr.X does make some interesting points that are believable. If all of this is true I don't know how to feel. I really think this is kind of where the franchise is heading. It does explain alot.