Husker Spring Ball: Mid-Spring Practice Report

Josh KleinCorrespondent IApril 9, 2010

Here we go Husker fans!

It's time for spring football, and we're half way to the Spring Game.

The Spring Game has always been a bittersweet time for me.  The sweetness of football coupled with the bitterness of the realization that it is still another five months until the opening game at Memorial Stadium.

This spring is just as anticipated for Husker fans as Bo Pelini's first year, but for different reasons.

In Bo's first season as head coach, people wanted to see if the defensive-minded coach could wave the magic wand and make everything better in one spring practice.

This year, though, it's a different type of anticipation.  It's a more positive kind—it's the kind of anticipation that puts butterflies in the stomachs of the most ardent of Husker fans.

The question revolving around Husker nation this spring: Could this be the year?

Could this be the year of increased national relevance? Could this be the year of a BCS berth? And finally, last but not least, could this be the year of a potential National Title game?

The spring game is the precursor to these answers.  It provides Husker fans with thoughts to ponder over the next five months until Nebraska hits some actual competition.

Fans will debate, discuss, ponder, and project what next season may look like all from the glorified scrimmage that is the Red-White spring game.

So, halfway through spring ball, what's the verdict?  Well, since the media isn't allowed into the spring practices, we can only go by what is reported.  So far, the rumblings from practice have been mostly good.

Reports from the first two weeks of practice are slim to none, but most of what we hear is about the offense.

Shawn Watson has sung the praises of Kyler Reed at the tight end spot this spring and has been less than forthcoming about the quarterback position.

However, concerning the quarterback position, it looks like Cody Green is getting snaps with the ones, and that according to Kyler Reed on a radio interview this week Taylor Martinez, "could be one of the fastest guys on the team."

Another player that has been making head way but hasn't received much publicity is that of local tight end Mychael McClure.  He got a few snaps with the ones this week and, again, according to Reed, could push for playing time this coming season.

Watson has also praised the play of Rex Burkhead and Roy Helu this off season.  It's reported that Burkhead has gained muscle mass this spring, but hasn't lost a step.  Dontrayevous Robinson has gained some weight too and looks to be the thunder to Roy and Rex's lightening.

As far as the defense goes, as always, Bo has been very reserved in his speech concerning their direction.  He said in a recent interview that plenty of players are stepping up, but didn't single out any particular players on either the offensive side or the defensive of the ball.

However, reports from other players like Jared Crick have shown that Baker Steinkuhler and Terrence Moore are stepping up in very good ways this spring.  Other players seemingly making waves are Alonzo Whaley, Eric Martin, and Austin Cassidy.

We are halfway to the Spring Game and things are looking bright.  Stay tuned for more updates and a full Spring Game analysis coming up in April.