Dana White Drops the Only F-Bomb that Matters: Fedor Coming to the UFC?

Jason EisenhornContributor IApril 8, 2010

Dana White keeps stirring the pot in regard to Fedor Emelianenko finally making it to the UFC.

In post-fight press conference interviews for UFC 112, and general media engagements, Dana White seems to be hinting that Fedor may have a loophole in his contract with Strikeforce that he can take advantage of, or that Fedor might not have a contract at all. 

The fans have no way of knowing, but the implications of moving Fedor to the UFC will reverberate all over the MMA world.
"Fedor has become my obsession," says Dana White. "I want it worse than the fans want it." Like a collector verged on finally finishing his prize menagerie, White seems to be building something that could totally rearrange the current UFC heavyweight pecking order.

Kevin Iole with Yahoo Sports dishes the dirt:
Emelianenko, the top-ranked fighter not in the UFC, “has become my obsession now. I want it worse than the fans want it.” He said he spoke with Emelianenko’s management about a UFC contract “more recently than you would think.” He was coy when asked about Emelianenko’s contract with Strikeforce and CBS, saying only: “I would never interfere with someone else’s contract.”

Would this move be killing two birds with one stone? Getting a prize heavyweight fighter to grind against the elite of the UFC, and possibly, serving Strikeforce its walking papers by taking its biggest star? Or has Strikeforce already grown big enough to survive such a hit?
Only time will tell.