WWE Monday Night RAW Preview: Pre-Bash CHAOS!

Adam WrightSenior Analyst INovember 20, 2016

With only six days away from the Great American Bash, WWE Monday Night RAW heads to Raleigh, North Carolina.   It has been volatile these past few weeks, and with The Bash coming, things are sure to get much more chaotic.


In the main event of last week, we saw a No. 1 contender named for CM Punk’s World Title. After defeating John Cena, JBL, and Kane, Batista earns his shot at The Great American Bash.


Now with six days until their matchup, what side of The Animal will we see on RAW? We all know his hunger for the World Title, and some would say that Batista is a HUGE reason CM Punk is champ. Can these two fan favourites keep their cool until The Bash? And can CM Punk prove he’s a worthy champion?


For months now, the feud between Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho has been the talk of the WWE. Last week, HBK accepted Jericho’s challenge at the Great American Bash, despite his injured eye. Will things escalate tonight, with just less than a week before the match?


Another feud that has been heating up these past months will be settled at The Great American Bash. John Cena will face JBL in a New York City Parking Lot Brawl. Some could argue the advantage clearly goes to “The Wrestling God”, being billed from New York City. But we all know John Cena will never stop.


Just days away from their match, what will JBL and Cena have to say, or do, to each other?


Finally, last week’s RAW ended in what some call say “the return of the Monster Kane”. After losing in the main event, Kane completely lost it. He went after the camera and ring crew, then put his aggression on Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. During these attacks, Kane repeated this eerie phrase: “Is he dead or alive?”   


Who is Kane talking about? Will we learn more about Kane’s bizarre mind-set tonight?


All this and so much more! With Vince McMahon out, things have been off the charts CHAOTIC! Will we hear from The McMahons tonight?


Tune in to WWE Monday Night RAW at 9 pm ET on the USA Network and on The Score.  



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