My Hero-My Angel-My Forever Champion

Dottie travisCorrespondent IApril 8, 2010

Dale Earnhardt jr. What can you say about him that hasnt all ready been said? He's kind hearted, Loving, respectful, and giving. i never seen anyone do that. He has a heart of gold. doing what he does i know his father would be proud as all his fans should be.

Here is a man who gave from the Heart out of his own pocket Not his foundation but his own pocket to Keep his buddy Adem Petty's Dream alive he gave 1 Million dollars to the VJC to build a Dale jr. Corral and Ampitheatre. It was a touching moment watchng one of the children give him a baby goat, and Mrs. Petty (Adems Mother) spoke so eloquently touching juniors heart. he could only squeeze her hand.

Then Just recently he granted his 200th wish for the Make-a-wish Foundation the things that this Man dose for people will Never be forgotten and he is helping the homeless so you tell me what kind of man is he let me tell what kind of man he is

for over 2 years i suffered hateful abuse i had been beaten, kicked, assaulted etc.(I dont think i need to get to graphic) I layed in the hospital for over a month and a half with ribs fractured, a broken jaw, my soul was dead they were not sure i would live to see another day but one day my grandmother bought me a magazine

I could barely see, but i saw the picture it was of this bueatiful sweet man Junior, i read the article i dont remember what it was about now, but i held that magazine close to me looked at that picture alot, and just like the words in the elvis presley gospel song ("He touched Me") something happened an now i know he touched me and made me whole

within 4 weeks i was up walking, and with in 6 weeks i was out of the hospital that is why i have devoted myself to this man for what he has done for me without even being there in person he helped me. Now i want to help him. if i ever get the opportunity to thank him personally i will feel my life is complete but as far as helping him that will never end up to the day he hangs his keys up for good i am his #1 fan I will be there standing strong and true threw the good and bad No matter what.

god has blessed us with this man and i will treasure him for he is ("MY HERO-MY ANGEL-MY FOREVER CHAMPION!!!!!") thanks to you Dale jr. you gave me strength to go on thank you thank you thank you :) :) :)