Pro Athletes As Role Models? Really?

CJ RobinsonContributor IApril 8, 2010

Just because an individual is skilled and talented at a specific sport, does that mean they sign up to be a role model? When they sign their contract with their team is there a box to check off that states, 'I will be a perfect role model and human being during my sports career?' I think not. I do think it is unfortunate that professional athletes are automatically enrolled into the 'Perfect Role Model Club' the minute they reach some type of success in their sport. And why are some athletes treated differently when they do make a mistake? Let's take Kobe Bryant for instance, he cheated on his wife, was forced to come to make a public statement and apologize to the world for his indiscretion and walked away with his tail between his legs and publicly had to make amends with his wife and family. Now granted cheating on your wife is not an acceptable thing to do but athletes are not the only ones doing it, politicians, actors, CEOs, even every day guys partake in this activity. So I am not making excuses for the athletes at all but it seems like the media fuels the entire campaign to force the issues to be address. They hunt and search for one small thing that evolves into something larger than life! Now let's look at Tiger Woods, yes he cheated, yes it was wrong and yes he came out apologized not only to the public but again before he came back to the game of golf. The media is having a field day with this guy and at the end of the day, he didn't sign up for the 'Look at me I have a perfect life club'. The media created him as the good boy, perfect family man. Guess what above all he is human and made a huge mistake. Why does he have to be reminded every day, come on! And to have a member of the PGA come out and say how disappointed they are and he will be judged on his personal acts. Really guys? Last time I checked when Tiger Woods plays in a Nationally Televised Tournament the ratings go through the roof, more people started to watch golf once Tiger came a long and now they are the first to criticize him. Why don't they just sit back and give the guy a break?

When the cameras are off and the athletes are living their day to day lives that is their time, why does the media pursue all the negative sides of their lives? How about how much they contribute to charities with donations, appearances, etc. No one seems to care about the work they do with kids to encourage them to play sports instead of ending up in trouble. We as a society need to stop focusing on the few bad things that go on and focus on the great things these guys do every day, and no they aren't role models, just really skilled athletes with inhuman natural talent!