Who Needs a Change Turn In Order To Be Pushed?

David BowstonContributor IApril 8, 2010

For months now, I like a lot of other pure wrestling fans have been concerned with who the WWE is pushing, mainly because we don't want to see their up and coming talent being left behind as a distant memory while Triple H main events 'til he is 80.

I've already written an article begging WWE to re-think their current pushes but I'm not here to plug my own work.

Basically week in, week out we see mid card youngsters such as John Morrison, Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, Shelton Benjamin and even the likes of Matt Hardy and Christian, arguably out perform the guys who go on to main event the PPV's.

While the top carders put on quite boring matches, with the exception of Edge and Jericho, the mid carders wow us with their athletic and technical abilities.

There could be many reasons for these guys not getting pushed, timing, mic work, stale gimmicks, hell even their attires may be what's holding them back.

So who need's a change in order to shake things up and get people talking?

Christian - Heel Turn

Now this one is tricky because Christian works great as either a heel or face and at the moment the peeps are loving him. Plus we all know this is punishment for leaving the company in the first place. However, I'd like to see him in a heel role, similar to Jericho, I'm not saying he should feud with Edge as so many of you want to see nor do I want to see him buried to Cena. Personally I'd love to see him in a feud with Orton and since Orton seems to be turning face, Christian would need a turn to make the feud work or Orton should RIGHTFULLY turn back to heel.

Ted DiBiase - Face Turn/Single's Run

I actually thought this would happen when his movie was coming out but no such "luck". Again this one is tricky as he does play a heel well but I would like to see him feud with Rhodes in their break up. Since the bromance is over one of them needs to turn and honestly I see Teddy Bear as the better face. I know there is talk of Baby Brother Brett DiBiase coming in to team with Ted but for now I think a turn could freshen him up. My alternative to this is keeping him heel, give him a mid/top card face (I.E Kofi Kingston, Christian) to work with and have him in a few US Title shots. But for this to work he needs to really generate some heat from the crowd which he never really got a chance to do with Legacy.

CM Punk - Expand his Society

This is a controversial choice as Punk is currently feuding with a top star but what happens after? Well personally I think the SES is a good idea but not with Festus and Britney Spears. Keep them guys in it but put them in the ring and push them to the max. Mix gender matches etc. Also, allow Punk to "save" more stars and convert them to the StraightEdge lifestyle, guys who have talent yet aren't doing much such as Mike Knox, is he still alive? Dolph Ziggler etc. They don't even have to agree. My next choice links into this storyline.

Shad - Monster Heel Push

Okay so the heel turn has started but don't have him feud with JTG, repackage him, lose the gansta' thug and turn him into a ragged monster that dominates. Personally I would Love to see him join the SES, him and Luke Gallows pick up tag titles and just dominate everybody they come across, this way you help Punk's push by building his empire while he challenges top faces and for titles, and Shad has something to do while getting him over.

John Morrison - Meaningful Feud/Heel Turn

If I was creative, I would have had him win MITB but no such luck. Personally I think he should be pushed right to the top, but WWE seem intent on giving him time. Throw him in a MEANINGFUL fued, not just a match or two with Shelton Benjamin then nothing. I would push him against Swagger when he (inevitably) loses the title, maybe even CM Punk. Personally I would like to see him feud with a heel Edge for the title but that looks doubtful. An alternative option is to turn him heel, which I don't really like but the possibilites for feuds are much higher. I like him as a face as nobody really noticed his talent until his face turn, but a heel turn would give him Rey Mysterio, Edge, etc.

A feud involving him and HBK would have thrown him to the top but that's another one for the "What If?" list.

Kofi Kingston/MVP - Feud

Killing two birds with one stone here. MVP and Mark Henry need to split right now, that's incredibly stupid. MVP go heel because that man is useless as a face, one of the worst faces I've ever seen and then feud with Kofi, possibly over the US Title. Now two mid carders facing off wouldn't normally propell their career's but I think these two could put on a feud which could prepare them for bigger things, Kofi more so than MVP.

Shelton Benjamin/Ezekiel Jackson - Tag Team

I could honestly see this working. Maybe start them in a match facing off then ending up teaming together, their both talented, their both heels, both on SmackDown, I don't see why these two couldn't liven up the tag team title race. And My God it's a slow race. I was toying with the idea of either Mark Henry and Shelton Benjamin or Mark Henry and Big Zeke but personally I loved the idea of these two teaming.

Matt Hardy - Big Feud/Title Shot

I think they should have had Hardy feud with Punk when Jeff left but obviously nothing came of it, so why not do it now? After the mysterio feud, neither will have anything to do and both deserve much better. Also I've been saying since last year's Royal Rumble that Matt should be in the major title picture so I would give him a shot at the title in which he loses, but gets involved in the title race eventually winning.

Side Note: Picture this, Matt Hardy feuds with CM Punk for a month or two, great matches, get much more over with the crowd, then Punk wins a number one contender match, Matt challenges him to a ladder match with the title shot contract hanging from above the ring BUT if he loses he has to sign a contract which means he must join the SES. Have Matt lose and reluctantly join, then slowly turn him heel, Punk wins the strap, holds it for a few PPV's then finally Matt turns on him, and faces him for the title. Now this is obviously not going to happen anytime soon but it could develop into a great feud.

Let me know how you feel about these suggestions, also keep in mind, some of these suggestions are for the future, not right now which makes the possibility of them happening much higher.

Also if you have any suggestions for any superstar, leave a comment to let me know.