EPL Fantasy Football: Tips On Winning

John HoumesSenior Analyst IJuly 14, 2008

So you're ready for the upcoming premier season, and you're already scouting out whom you're going to pick for your fantasy team. Here are a few tips to help you out:

1) Decide what you're playing for

Do you want to win your league, or are you just having fun? If you're just having fun, go ahead and pick your favorite players. If you want to win, keep reading

2) Read the rules of your league

It sounds simple, but taking the time to see what gets you points might help you select one player over another. The Premier League's website game, which this author played last year, favored midfielders.

They scored points for goals, assists and conceding zero goals, while strikers received no points for being on a team with a clean sheet and defenders just didn't score a lot of goals. This gave the midfield players a chance to bring in the points.

3) Don't assume the stars are the best…crunch some numbers

Team 1

Edwin Van de Sar (G), Jamie Carragher (D), Frank Lampard (M), and Wayne Rooney (F)

Team 2

Robert Green (G), Joleon Lescott (D), Ashley Young (M), and Roque Santa Cruz (F)

Which team would you rather have?

Last year, the second team scored 140 more points than the first. As the season progresses, don't hold onto to someone just because they're a star. Only keep them if they're bringing home the bacon.

4) Find the value players

Picking a star assures your team will get a chunk of points. But if the league has a salary cap, and most do, picking three or four stars will drain the bank and you'll end up with no-names for the rest or your squad.

List out the players you're looking at in each position. Then divide their points from last season by their cost. You'll find out how much bang you're getting for your buck.

While Fernando Torres had 193 total points, his cost is listed as 12 (million pounds), making his point per million pounds as 16.08.

Compare that to Benjani Mwaruwari who scored only 150 points, but whose cost is seven million pounds, making his point per million pounds a much higher 21.42. Benjani is a much better deal and gives you more points for your buck.

I put together a "good-value team" based solely on players having the highest points per value at each position from last year, and their fantasy point total was higher than other teams I put together with a few superstars. This seems to be because two above average players generally score more than one superstar and one no-name.

5)  Be Wary of:

- Chelsea's Midfield: With Lampard, Ballack, Cole, Kalou, Essien, Malouda, Wright-Phillips, and now Deco joining the squad, the Blues are going to be strong in the middle of the pitch. But this might spread the fantasy points out too much between the rotation.

Use the tools listed above to figure out who is the best deal, or select two Stamford Bridge midfielders to make sure you get points from them.

- Ronaldo:  By far, he was the highest scoring fantasy player last year with 283 points in the Premier League websites fantasy game. The second was Cesc Fabregas with 205. But with Ronaldo out for the first part of the season with an injury, it might be worth picking him up later in the fall.

6) Who is the new Derby County?

Last year, it was worth dropping some good players on your team and picking up some players from whatever club was playing Derby County that week. Will Stoke City, Hull City or WBA be the new Derby County? If so, make some switches to rack up the points.

7) Pay attention to scheduling
Sometimes a club will play two real matches on the same fantasy week and their players will get points from both matches. Keeping your eye out for this on the schedule can double one of your player's points.

That's all of my strategy I'm revealing. I'm going to start a Bleacher Report Premier Fantasy league. If you've been part of the Bleacher Report World Football community for awhile and are interested in joining, leave me a message on my profile page.


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