NXT Rookies: Who Succeeds and Who Fails?

Dynamite BillCorrespondent IApril 8, 2010

After the results of the first NXT voting pole, In believe we can all start making thoughts about the NXT rookies future. In my article I will express my feelings about the future of all the NXT rookies.

Daniel Bryan: By far, the most experienced rookie. Still I am really suprised he wasr ranked first, because he had a 0-7 win/loss. I expected that he will be ranked last, and then make a sudden comeback to work out his way to the top. 

I can see him as the favourite to win the end of season contract and challenge the Miz for his Tag team or U.S Championships. He has bright future.

Wade Barett: In my opinion the only rookie that can dethrone Bryan. With Jericho as your Rookie and after being the only rookie in a team of pros, and after even pinning Christian to ensure victory for your team, you can be sure this guy has got future.

Wade needs to work a little bit more his in ring skills and find a new finisher. I have a feeling he might surprises us and win the contract. 

Justin Gabriel: A great high-flyer but that's it. He will have a future similar to that of his manager. He will win when it doesn't really count but at the end he will eventually be eliminated.

Still I can see him reaching the top 4 or maybe top 3, but no chance in hell of winning.

Heath Slater: Charismatic, solid in-ring and with Christian as a manager you can expect something good. Still, I can't see him winning. He can reach the top 4 or top 3 like Justin, but he won't win. 

David Otunga: I haven't seen something special from him, and he really doesn't deserve do be ranked that high. His celebrity past has helped him to get in the business, and guest hosting raw surely gave him a push.

I cann see David beeing eliminated 2nd or 3rd. But he will make appearances in the WWE at near future.

Skip Sheffield: And here we reach the 3 wrestlers that are main candidates of being eliminated at the next poll. Sheffield is the one I care less for. I mean, who does this guy think he is? 

He walks in the ring as if he is Hogan, he kicks out too fast making people look weak, and he lacks wrestling skills. Too many show-off without having material. If he doesn't work his behaviour and skills he will be eliminated first.

Mike Tarver: The most underrated NXT rookie, he has showed great in ring skills, and he has got the looks of a brawler. He reminds me of Marc Merco, maybe he might be even better than Merco.

Definitely he can reach the top 5 if used properly. But with Carlito as manager you can't expect a lot. I don't want to see him being eliminated early.

Darren Young: I believed the WWE was going somewhere with this guy. But after ranking him last, oh well no chance in hell he will, win. He won't be eliminated first, Skip will but he will be eliminated early.