John Wall Replacement Search: Doron Lamb

Christopher ChavezAnalyst IIApril 7, 2010

John Wall is history in Lexington, Kentucky.

So who can replace a natural born star? What about a New York superstar like Doron Lamb?

The kid is 6'5" and can play the shooting guard position. This makes him a great fit for Kentucky's needs after five Wildcats declared for the NBA Draft. He may not be a point guard like Wall, but he could run the offense like him. 

At the McDonald's All-American game, Lamb said that he is down to four schools. The list got a bit longer when he stated that he forgot one school from his list. He is considering Arizona, West Virginia, Kentucky, UConn, and Kansas. Steve Lavin of St. John's might soon make a late offer to Lamb. 

He attends Oaks Hill Academy in Virginia and has put on spectacular performances. He dropped over 50 points several times. It can easily be said that he single-handedly beat several teams. 

He has the skills to carry a team and could play a nice role in John Calipari's offense. He's a flexible player and can take the team on a nice run in the NCAA tournament next year. He is ranked 25th in the ESPNU Top 100 of the class of 2010. 

He will be making his announcement on his college choice at the Jordan Brand Classic. Josh Selby, ranked No. 7 in the ESPNU Top 100, will also make his announcement at that game. 

West Virginia fans are hopeful that they are the choice. There have been rumors swirling that Selby and Lamb could play together in college. That would be a good combo, but not as strong as John Wall and DaMarcus Cousins. 

The guess of many might be that Selby could play point guard and Lamb could be the Wildcats' shooting guard. Calipari would reel in the big bait yet again.

Brandon Knight may steal Selby's spot in Kentucky and take the point guard position. The plans for Lamb and Selby to play together could be ruined. As a result Kansas may be the playmakers and make the move to get the two youngsters. 

The two players may be freshmen next year, but if they play together expect a powerful presence in the tournament by their team of choice. Kentucky would be a great fit, but Kansas could come out and steal the show.