Square Circle Blog:the Art of War

Lamar BoltonContributor IApril 7, 2010

     The Art Of War

I wish I had a dime for every time the words “ Monday Night War” is being thrown around these days. For a new a new war a lot of the old tactics are still being employed, and lets face it , unless something radical happens soon, the result will be the same as well. The WWE ‘strategy is ignore it it will sooner or later go away and TNA ‘s strategy is put our existence in the hands of people who have already failed once and will more then likely fail again. The definition of insanity has always been doing the same thing over again hoping for different results . I have a different idea and I want to bounce it off of Cyber space before TNA goes by the way of the WCW model.

First and for most , why do you have to go up against the WWE on Monday night , even in the Heyday of the first Monday Night War , WCW couldn’t hold onto what they had. If you really look at the whole situation , the WWE is a whole lot weaker on Friday night then they ever where on Monday.  My TV Network  doesn’t even qualify as a network any more and since Jeff Hardy went By By, Smack Down has become the B show . And then they do this Jack Swagger thing this past Friday that did nothing to elevate the show at all.