BJ Penn's the High-Tech Missile, Frankie Edgar's the Cheap Bottle Rocket

jason hughesCorrespondent IApril 7, 2010

Missile defense is a term used a lot by the government in the continual war on terror.

It is also a term that Frankie Edgar should have been using in his training camp for his upcoming UFC 112 lightweight championship fight against the fighter with a deadly arsenal, BJ Penn.

And while Edgar's best chance may be to hide behind his bunker of subpar skills, in comparison to the champion's, let's just face the facts—Edgar is not going to drop a midnight bomb on the Hawaiian fighting machine.

Edgar is barely the best opponent that Joe Silva could muster in a division so pathetically void of talent that it's laughable.

Penn has had a lot to do with this, of course, completely wiping out all enemies with even a shred of dignity by completely thrashing and trashing his way through a very subpar division.

It could almost be said that Penn would have more competition in the WEC, DREAM, and Strikeforce's lightweight divisions than the world's best organization's weakest division.

This title fight isn't even the best lightweight contest on paper this month (Aoki vs. Melendez), so Dana White has a big hole to fill, and digging foxholes hasn't been his specialty lately.

Instead of Edgar or Gray Maynard, I believe that the best ZUFFA-owned lightweight challenge for Penn is in the form of WEC standout Ben "Smooth" Henderson.

Unfortunately, however, that will not happen, and if it did it would still be a slaughter of epic proportions.

White signed the "Fireball kid" Takanori Gomi...yeah, too bad it was six years too late.

I have yet to hear news of any courting of Eddie Alvarez, so what's the matter, DW? Afraid that he might cost you one too many ice cream cones?

Gomi, who was thoroughly humiliated by Kenny Florian, won't ever fight for the UFC title.

I do not wan't to see another Florian fight, either. How many different ways can you lose to BJ? Doesn't sound like a fun game to me.

There has been lots of talk about Penn moving up in weight because there is no competition. Well, there is; it's just that nobody in the UFC organization seems willing to play a little hardball to get this fighting beast what he deserves—the best—every time out.

BJ Penn by doctor's stoppage in the third round.