Sex Sells: TNA's Knockouts Draw Ratings, While WWE Stumbles

Siva PrasadCorrespondent IApril 7, 2010

TNA Impact scored its highest rating since March 8th, as WWE Raw fell to an all year-low.  Both were after last week’s post-Wrestlemania shows, and resulted in a disastrous rating for Impact and an excellent rating for WWE, the two shows took vastly different turns once more.

The sexy ladies of TNA’s Knockout division scored the highest ratings all night long, with segments featuring them garnering ratings of 0.98, 0.98 and 0.93 respectively. The show's overall rating rounded up for a 0.9.

Sex sells, no doubt about it.

Is this a false dawn though? Using stripteases and skimpy outfits to elevate their numbers? Some of the people I’ve talked to say TNA cannot do this every week, and that showing off the Knockouts is nothing more than stop gap measure.

I disagree, for a number of reasons.


The List: "Sexling" is Viable

TNA’s network, Spike, markets itself to males, and the key demo is the 18-49 group.

The Knockouts’ target audience will surely play to that demo, and that shouldn’t change anytime soon.

The Knockouts didn’t just sell with the stripteases, they sold with WRESTLING. And that is something you can replicate each week.

Women who are actually able to wrestle a decent match is a one commodity that truly sets TNA apart from WWE. We all love us some Maryse, but she can’t carry a women’s match. Angelina Love however, can.

The Knockouts helped elevate other segments this week as well, which meant people stuck around to see Rob Terry and the Motor Machine Guns.

In conclusion, TNA played their cards right this week, and proved that they can hold their own against WWE.


Raw drew a 3.2 rating, their lowest of 2010. Up against the final hour of TNA Impact, Raw scored a 3.0, before recovering slightly in the second hour.

It was a major drop off after last week’s 3.7, which featured Shawn Michaels’ retirement.

With not much info out there to analyze, for now I’ll be content with putting Raw’s drop down to their competition from the NCAA game, which drew a 14.2. Raw has always been the place for the more casual viewer.


Back to TNA...

Rob Terry took a nasty chair shot to the head this week on Impact. WWE recently banned such chair shots, with TNA ranter Lance Storm took note off as he announced he was boycotting TNA’s Impact due to the chair shot.

Storm felt the chair should not have been used in that manner, particularly so soon after Chris Kanyon ’s passing (though there is no proved link between Kanyon’s death and chair shots).

My opinion? Rob Terry must have been told in advance about the unprotected chair shot. He could have declined, but he didn’t.

I don’t like the fact that TNA and other wrestling companies still fail to take possible concussion damage seriously, but I can only hope they do not make a habit out of unprotected chair shots.

Despite that, I see little reason to boycott TNA.

And that is this week’s TNHogan/T n A column! What say you? Chair shots to the head every once in a while is fine, or not?  Will TNA’s sexy ladies draw the ratings for months to come?

Tell us all what you think. Thanks for reading.

Image Credit: Online World of Wrestling