Tiger Woods Avoids the Masters Par Three Jinx

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Tiger Woods Avoids the Masters Par Three Jinx
Andrew Redington/Getty Images

Sorry Golf.com.

Tiger stiffed us again.

Tiger Woods hasn't played in the Par Three event on Wednesday at Augusta since 2004.

As Tiger's fame increased, he obviously became too high and mighty for the Wednesday afternoon fun.

Tiger has avoided the traditional Par Three event held on that beautiful little layout on the back side of the Augusta property in a hollow behind the cabins, beneath those towering Georgia pines.

Now can His Combackness has again avoided the Par Three jinx. You see, no winner of the Par Three tournament has gone on to win the main event.

Fact is, a number of players have found a creative way to avoid that jinx. Simply have one of your kids caddy for you and let them miss a few putts during the course of the event.

If your own kids are not available, simply summon a child from the gallery and let them try. It's the easy thing to do.

It is so very unique and a treat to watch, a treat to attend.

It is tight and cramped quarters, so perhaps the 90-man security army charged with protecting The Count of Call Girls, couldn't fit into the confines of the layout.

Today was the last for final preparation and it had better have been done early. The course closes around 1 p.m. After that, it's the Par Three.

Once again, Tiger wasn't there.

Seems the kinder, gentler Tiger Woods didn't need to get that close to the fans. 


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