World's Strongest Man Takes Up MMA, Looks to Fight Fedor Emelianenko

Brian OswaldMMA Editor April 7, 2010

In a recent interview Mariusz Pudzianowski, a World's Strongest Man competition five-time winner, said that he would love to fight the current consensus number one MMA heavyweight in the world, Fedor Emelianenko .

"In two years from now, I would love to fight Fedor Emelianenko . He will rip my head off if we fight today, but in two years it could be a different story. It will be very interesting to see the bookmaker's odds for that fight."

Instead of starting at the top, and working his way down, Pudzianowski will take a "tune-up" fight with former UFC Heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia.

Their freak fight will serve as the main event for Moosin : God of Martial Arts, a May 21 card scheduled for the 15,000-seat DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts. It's slated to be the first "major" sanctioned MMA card in state, although it has not yet been approved by the state athletic commission.

Pudzianowski did not hold back when talking about his upcoming opponent. 

"Tim Sylvia is already past his prime, so the only thing he thinks about is the paycheck after the fight. When I’ll take him down and start landing my bombs, he will lose every desire to get up.

"His handshake at the press conference made me realize that he has a very soft body. I like big and soft people, they are fun to hit. I have to be careful from his striking in the early minutes of the fight, but I am still very confident that it will be a great victory."

If the fourth Kyu Green belt in Kyokushin, who comes into this fight the underdog, can run his MMA record to 2-0, it will be interesting to see where he goes from there.

The 320-pound Polish "phenom" would certainly have to shed some muscle from his frame if he ever wanted to compete in the heavyweight division of a respectable organization like Strikeforce or UFC . Unless of course a super heavyweight division gets pushed through in the interim.

But lets not get ahead of ourselves too fast.

First we have to see if "Super Mario" can render the "The Maine-iac " into further MMA irrelevancy. Getting dropped like a sack of soggy potatoes against former Heavyweight boxer Ray Mercer is one thing. Getting constricted by "Big Python" might send Sylvia reeling to resurrect a possible fight against Ken Shamrock.

With a victory, at least Pudzianowski can proclaim that he and Fedor share a win over the same opponent. Hey, its something to build upon right?



To read the interview with Mariusz Pudzianowski in its entirety, visit LowKick .com