WWE's Message To The Younger Talent: Step Up or Fail

Travis SmithAnalyst IIApril 7, 2010

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  Wrestler John Cena picks up wrestler Randy Orton during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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The WWE has always been able to create new stars in a mere two or three months, sometimes with certain stars or even in one night because of some great storylines. The WWE usually seems to have a lot of severe moments under control with talent and maybe even money problems but the WWE is getting ready to face a big problem in the next couple of years, big name guys retiring.

Shawn Michaels just retired at WrestleMania 26 and that alone is a huge hit to WWE because Shawn was always one of the best that the WWE had to offer and HBK always put on a heck of a show each time he stepped into the ring. There are not a lot of guys who have the desire, the heart, and or the mind to succeed in the wrestling biz but yet HBK did and he is now considered to be a legend of the industry. See the problem though with all of this is, how in the world will WWE replace that void left by HBK? Well it’s not going to be easy but somebody can replace him because he was only one wrestler, WWE however knows that at least three more big name guys are trying to decide when to retire and that could be a hard press issue for the WWE if they do decide to retire.

The three men that are pretty much locks to retire are; Undertaker, Batista, and Rey Mysterio. Edge also has been rumored to retire if he suffers another severe injury which could very well happen due to his ankle issues last year and his neck problems he has dealt with his entire career. So if that was to happen, there are four big stars gone from wrestling and a lot of money gone too without their merchandise to sell or appearances to guarantee the fans. What the message seems to be now to the WWE is to start pushing the younger talent now because if you don’t, you will have severe voids in your roster that cannot fill in the next couple of years.

WWE has though really gotten on strong about pushing some of the younger talent in the last couple of years from guys like Kofi Kingston to Jack Swagger and that’s a great thing because the fans love to see some new blood step into the ring and really prove their worth night in and night out. The NXT concept may not get a lot of love on the ratings but it will do something huge for the wrestling industry, it will give them experience and it’s guaranteed to create at least two stars per season just like the “Tough Enough” concept had done in the past. So the WWE will need the NXT brand to keep going strong in order to crop some new guys.

WWE also has some guys on the roster who have really stalled out in their careers and really need a boost again in order to create more key talent in the company, they have recently just done this with Swagger by having him win the MITB contract and then cash it in on Chris Jericho to become the World Heavyweight Champion. Where was Swagger before all of this happened? Well he was feuding with Santino Marella, come on now that’s a terrible thing to do to a bright young star because he can have great matches heck I believe that the turning point for him was his match against Triple H in February, that match showed how talented he was and how he could produce a great match with a top dog in the company. So if the Swagger experiment can work, why not try it out on other guys like Shelton Benjamin, Carlito, Kane, and other guys?

So as it looks now, the WWE is still pushing some of the older guys because of their main attraction to the crowds, but I really do see a lot of younger talent getting some heavy pushes in the company for years to come heck maybe even this year alone but the point is, if the WWE doesn’t keep on trying to push new stars, then just like WCW, the WWE will suffer and eventually fall.


Young stars to look out for in the next year

1.       Drew McIntyre

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3.       Ted DiBiase

4.       Kofi Kingston

5.       The Miz

6.       John Morrison

7.       Dolph Ziggler

8.       Wade Barrett

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