Top 5 Most Underrated Current WWE Superstars

Dynamite BillCorrespondent IApril 7, 2010

Underrated is a term used to describe something that is rated less than it deserves to be. An underrated superstar, is a superstar who gets less than he deserves and he isn't used to his full potential. Today I am ranking the 5 most underrated superstars in the WWE currently.

5) Chavo Guerrero

One of the best technical wrestlers I have ever seen. He is good on the mic, excellent in ring and can cut a fantastic promo. 

In my opinion he is better in ring than his brother Eddie, and not far behind him at mic skills and storytelling. Still the WWE uses him mainly as a jobber, not to mention the stupid gimmick stipulation matches they made him have.

Chavo should be carrying the Intercontinental or the U.S Championships but instead, he is turned into a complete joke.

4) Zack Ryder

This man is terrible underrated. He is great on the mic and he has got decent in ring abilities. But the stupid-guy gimmick the WWE has given him simply, makes him look a fool.

The WWE really needs to give him a decent push, I am not telling to give him a major title mainly because he hasn't got the "looks", but a U.S or I.C or even Unified tag team champion run is something he truly deserves.

3) Shelton Benjamin

The most athletically gifted man in the history of sports entertainment. He is awesome in the ring, he is OK on the mic and if you ever saw him as part of the WGTT, he can cut great promos. 

He might lack the charisma factor a little bit, but he surely deserves a run as a WWE or WHW champion. Instead he is a glorified jobber.

2) Santino Marella

Don't laugh, this man is a rare case of the full-packet. He is a genius on the mic, solid wrestler ( just watch him at FCW as Boris Alexiev), really charismatic and he can the heel or the face in a great way.

But having him getting squashed by everybody and even losing to Maria, Beth Phoenix etc is just beyond me. C'mon WWE push him and you got the next Rocky Maivia.

1) Matt Hardy

Who else could it be? Like Santino he has got the full-pac (charisma, mic skills etc) but he is even better than Santino in-ring. He has never cut a promo that isn't excellent, he can carry anybody throughout a match and he is a perfect combination of charisma and the ability to draw heat.

I hope the WWE realizes this and stops using him as a jobber to people who might be more muscular but lack personality such as : Batista, Drew McIntyre etc

Honorable mentions:

6)Evan Bourne

7)Yoshi Tatsu

8)Mike Knox

9)Cody Rhodes