Raw: What The Hell Was That? (Also Other Controversial Points Of View)

Luke AdamsonCorrespondent IIApril 7, 2010

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  Fans hold up signs during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It is very rare that you will ever get me to openly criticise a WWE product. Why? Because normally I have no reason to do so. But today I'm afraid I do, and its all thanks to this past Mondays Raw.

It opened with Jack Swagger. Remember him? The guy who was being thrown ove the top rope by Santino not long ago? Yeah, that's him. Saying that though, I have always been a Swagger fan. Then he won the world title, another good move on the part of WWE.

No, what bothers me is what they have done to his character since he won the title. Does the word 'zombie' come to mind? What happened to his enthusiasm and the 'better than you' attitude? It has vanished overnight, and we are left with a shell of what used to be. The crowd were silent when Swagger was in the ring, he drew practically no heat what-so-ever. If it wasn't for John Cena and Orton this segment would have been a catastrophe. If he doesn't become more interesting, then his reign and career are doomed to failure.

Then came along David Otunga. Who? Isn't he that guy who is married to some other celebrity?  Yes, this is what Raw has been reduced to with this guest host scheme. WWE actually getting relatives of people who are famous to host the show. Again the crowd were silent when he came to the ring, and again I don't blame them. This guy has been on NXT for little over a month and is nowhere near ready to appear on Raw as a jobber let alone guest host. WWE, do you really think any of your audience cares about David Otunga? If Jennifer Hudson had been with him it may have been different. Get rid of guest hosts before its too late (except if their first name is Dwayne).

The saving grace of this segment was Orton. I like that Orton has kept his edge and attempted to RKO Cena, but even better would have been if he had connected. Instead Swagger was made to look like a weak champion for the first time on Raw and even more would follow.

Next up was a three minute match between Sheamus and Kingston. This is another problem, when was the last time we saw a decent match on Raw? Decimating Kingston in three minutes won't do Sheamus much good, and it makes Kingston turn into a jobber. I liked what happened after the match though with the pipe and the sledgehammer.

The divas division is now officially dead. This is the conclusion I am forced to make after watching the battle royal on Raw. I hate TNA's product but one thing they have is a great divas division. I like the eye candy yes, but I would prefer it if they were given more than five minutes per show to impress us. They are clearly out of practice as well, anybody who watched wrestlemania will know that every finisher in that diva's match was botched. What happened? Look back at Wrestlemania 22, when Trish Stratus faced Mickie James in one of the greatest women's matches ever. The crowd at that event were into it more than nearly any other match on the card!

Then we had ShowMiz vs Cena and Batista. This match didn't even reach three minutes. On top of that it was predictable. You could see that Batista was going to walk out on Cena as soon as the match was made, but instead of suprising us the WWE creative team did exactly what everyone would expect.

Next up was Christian vs DiBiase in one of the better matches of the night. This does not say much however, because it was five minutes long. Come on, there should be at least one fifteen minute match every week on Raw, and that excludes commercial breaks.

Out next was Mr. Boring Jack Swagger. I hate saying that because its not his fault. He needs a really good gimmick and he needs it soon. This next statement may be a bit suprising to you as well but I feel I have to say it. The Orton face turn was a bad idea. In my estimation he has lost a bit of what made him so great becfause of it. He now has to win matches cleanly, and whats with all these looks of mutual respect between him and Cena? Urghhhhh. Vile. That's not the viper I know, its an insult to his character. I am afraid that unless WWE turns him heel soon the viper will be utterly devenomized.

The other thing that bugs me is how the match was booked. How can anyone take Swagger seriously after that? He was beaten in under 7 minutes! There is no way that a new champion should be beaten that easily. I liked the fact that Orton won, and he is still one of the best in the business but Swagger needed to look stronger here even in defeat.

Then the biggest joke of the night. How on earth is David Otunga in the main-event? He is on NXT! If WWE wanted him to be a big star why make him go through NXT? A guy nobody has heard of ends up screwing Cena, and gets very little reaction for doing it. It would have been better if Batista had done it in the first place. It wasn't that bad come to think of it, but I am still shocked that this guy was even hosting Raw to start with. It doesn't give WWE a great image.  

On a positive note, the conclusion of the night was far better, Batista drove Cena intio canvas with his finisher and announced the first match for extreme rules.

I also watched a tiny bit of the TNA Impact! replay on and off. My god if Raw was below standard then this was the pits. TNA has always been a joke, at least now everyone can see it.

I hate to write such a negative review because I am a huge WWE fan, I just feel that tonight they let the fans down and the 3.2 rating they got is indicative of that. I am hoping for better next week, and I am sure Smackdown! will as usual be a top notch show.