Mr. ControversyCorrespondent IApril 6, 2010

The Rangers faced the third seeded Sabres tonight in buffalo. A game that can literally make or break the Blue Shirts. With only four games left and fighting for the eighth spot in the conference, the Rangers needed a win.

The first period started and it looked as if the Sabres were more aggressive, as well as a tad bit more in control of the game. But that all changed when the Rangers fourth line hit the ice.

Brandon Prust and Artem Anisimov had a solid first period. They fore checked and fought for the puck every shift and they were rewarded 6:57 into the period as Prust slaps one in over the glove of Ryan Miller, giving the Rangers the lead.

Brandon Prust has been a solid player since he came to New York and he has scored three goals in the last three games. He is more than just a tough guy and after watching him play it is not hard to see he will only get better. The question is will the Rangers management see this as well?

But Buffalo was not out of it just yet. They knew they can count on Michal Rozsival to do what he does best. Two minutes and three seconds after Prust goal, Rosy fans on a pass in the Rangers zone. I mean the puck wasn’t even moving. Can you say loser of the year? In the same shift Rosy gets called for holding giving the Sabres a power play. The Rangers have killed off 22 out of 23 penalties. But tonight their luck would run out, As Derek Roy slips one threw Hank and ties up the game.

But Rosy will redeem him self, {NOT}. Towards the end of the first Rosy lets Drew Stafford skate into the Rangers zone and giving him a perfect scoring chance. Rosy does not pressure the puck handler nor does he make any attempt to drive Stafford wide. Instead Rosy goes down and Stafford rockets one past Lundqvuist. For all of Rosy’s fabulous play , Tort not only plays him on the power play later on but also has Rosy play 8:33 of ice time in the first period. Its obvious Tortorella does not no the difference between a good defenseman and a bad one. Then again this is nothing new this year .

The Rangers would answer on a power play of their own. P.A Parenteau with 1:42 left in the first finds the puck behind Miller and knocks it in tying the game once again.

The second period was no better then the first. Buffalo started to control the game, and pressuring the Rangers. The Sabres aggressiveness pays off when Jochen Hecht sneaks one past Hank and again the Sabres get the lead.

With everything on the line, John Tortorella pulls Henrik Lundqvuist and puts in Alex Auld . Maybe it was to try to change the momentum of the way the Rangers were playing, maybe it was because Henrik did give up at least one goal that he should have had. Maybe! Just maybe , if this was the Tampa Bay Lightning of old, it just might have worked. But this is not the Lightning nor did it work.

With 13:22 into the second, the Rangers defense breaks down again and Toni Lydman shoots a wrister past Auld, increasing the Sabres lead to two. And that is the way the second period ended, 4-2!

This is where we are at now. Waiting for the third to start. Do the Rangers have a prayer in hell to make a come back. Hells no , not playing the way they are anyway. The first line, or should we say Gabby has been invisible for most of the first two periods. He had one great scoring chance that Miller stopped. Voros, Callahan and the forth line played physical and with a lot of poise. Oli Jokinen was another player that might as well have stayed home. You can say Dubinsky played a solid game, as I said you can say that, but I wont! Dubs did nothing that stood out. The hard checks were non existent, the aggressiveness was nil, how the hell the announcers said he played a good game is amazing. This team is not playing like a team that is in a fight for a playoff spot , nor a team that wants to make the play offs. Oh did I mention that Rosy played 17:49 at the end of the second period? Unbelievable!

Did Redden even play? 13:49 after two periods, I do not believe I heard his name mentioned once.

The third period started and Lindquist remained out of the net. With in 5 seconds of the period Buffalo creates a very good scoring chance that Auld stops. But the Sabres continued to press the Blue shirts and again the defense breaks down and Tyler Ennis rockets one past Auld. 5-2 Buffalo. Well after the first two minutes of the third period, the game slowed down and buffalo continued to control every aspect of the game. There is no desperation in this Rangers team and to be totally honest with you , they do not deserve to be in the play offs. This game is a must win, every game is, and this NY team is not playing like it is or like they have any want to even make the play offs.

BUFFALO WIN 5-2.… Philly also won which gives Philly 4 points over the Rangers.

Sabres clinch North East Division!

If there is a God, Tortorella will not be here next year. Some how Sather will rid us of Redden and Rosy and Drury. Throw in Girardi and as far as I am concerned Staal can go to. Bring in four huge, hard hitting defenseman to start with.

Can you believe that Tort said that the team play good the first two periods. i want whetever it is this guy is smoking! Tort you are a bum who has no clue on what you are doing and you need to go!