Best Thing For TNA Is To Be Bought By Vince?

JC AugustineCorrespondent IApril 6, 2010

I do not believe I am the only one thinking this. TNA product has gone down hill ever since the January 4 episode with Hulk Hogan in his debut role, as an  officially appointed mass murdering psycho path out to make TNA the worst product it could ever be. 

Now I will not pretend that I watched TNA on regular basis before Hogan came along. It was something I would watch on Thursday when Futurama or Southpark wasn't on. Back in early December I started to watch it with a strong interest. The idea of Hulk Hogan coming in to help bring back the Monday Night wars(I had hoped) was enough to get me to want to watch TNA and become more familiar with the talent. 

When Hogan came in to TNA I had a sick thought in my mind, What if Hulk was in TNA just to screw it over and hand the keys of the Universal sound stage over to Vince. Sortof a ECW 2.0. After watching last nights episode I was wishing Vinny Mac would save us and buy it already. 

Dixie Carter seems to believe if she spends as much money as she wants then TNA will do fine. Hogan believes that if he brings his old friends back to screw around then TNA will beat Raw. And Easy Eric subscribes to the theory that throw as much crap together as possible all long with large amounts of blood and you will hopefully find some gold.Sorry folks that ain't the way it works.

The WWE has been so successful over the years because it has created some of the most memorable moments and characters ever to grace the silver screen. There is alot of crap too (Hornswoggle) but there is enough of the good(Y2J, Randy Orton, Undertaker, Trips, Christian, etc.) that it more than makes up for it in the long run.

TNA originally went with the idea that better matches make a show better and that's why I continued to watch it off and on again, cause I wanted to see that classic match the would live on in history. But the reason I never really paid attention to it much in the first place was due to the lack of development, no stars really being created or refined.

Remember the Main Event Mafia? All WWE or WWF wrestlers wanting a few more years to milk it. The TNA front line? All a bunch of random guys I couldn't give a crap about. (except AJ cause his matches are amazing)

Now all TNA is about is Eric bitching about Jeff Jarret, Hogan trying to make Abyss into Hogan 2.0(with a wwe ring I might add), and bunch of matches that might start off great only to get ruined by horrible bookings.

Now TNA has done the right thing by getting rid of the Nasty Boys and Sean Morley who over stayed their welcomes after one show but keeping Bubba while releasing Awesome Kong, Creed, and Daniels? WT frickin' F!!!!!

At least Mick Foley went out with a bang by breaking Bubba's nose (something each and every wrestling fan would want to do) but it isn't enough.

WWE used to be the show with the stories(the good and the bad) and TNA had the amazing kick ass matches, now days I can hardly watch TNA with out getting hammered and even NXT now makes more sense to me then the crap going on in Orlando. 

Vince, if your up there reading this I have one thing to ask you, please buy TNA just to get some of the good talent for your shows while rescuing the fans of the old days of TNA from the Clustf#%k it has become.