Epic Butler-Duke Battle: Time for Trojans Fans To Demand a Football Playoff?

Jon Sarver@https://twitter.com/sarvercgCorrespondent IApril 6, 2010

PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 07:  Head coach Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide celebrate with the BCS Championship trophy after winning the Citi BCS National Championship game over the Texas Longhorns at the Rose Bowl on January 7, 2010 in Pasadena, California. The Crimson Tide defeated the Longhorns 37-21.  (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

It's time to begin the playoff versus BCS debate again!

As the Duke Blue Devils escaped the tough championship-caliber play of the mid-level conference Butler Bulldogs with a thrilling 61-59 victory, it became clear "it" worked again.

"It" is a playoff!

A playoff is designed to produce a champion.

On the other hand, college football does not have a playoff.

Its version of a playoff—BCS—is designed for, what else? Money.

The Duke Blue Devils deserve the crown. They won it on the court.

The 2009 BCS Champion Alabama Crimson Tide played Texas to get a shot at the BCS crown.

College basketball plays it on the court. College football plays it in the scheduling rooms.

And to the rest of the 2009 season-ending undefeated teams, college football says "thank you for participating."

That's what Bill Hancock, BCS executive director, said when asked what he would say to the Boise State's, TCU's, and Cincinnati's of the world, who were deemed not good enough to play in the BCS Championship Game.

Confusing? It shouldn't be...

College football fans, 72 percent of you, say bring on a playoff.

Others argue ratings. How about a 17.1 for the BCS championship and a 14.3 for the game last night.

Time to dump the BCS and demand a playoff, USC Trojans fans.

Instead of arguing endlessly about conference strength, college football fans say bring on a playoff.

Instead of formulas and computers, college football fans say bring on a playoff.

Instead of Rose Bowls that are meaningless, USC fans should be saying bring on a playoff.

USC defined the new millennium with unequaled overall excellence, but that is generally drowned out by the SEC crowd who claim a more dominating conference and dominating teams.

However, there is no SEC team, Big 10 team, Big 12 team, Big East, or ACC team that can touch USC's overall excellence of the past decade.

What does it mean for USC? 


All it has is two mythical championships and a slew of Top-Four rankings that rivaled anything Florida State did in the decade before.

Big deal.

In 2005, USC even claimed a 1939 national championship, something never recognized before, to pull even with Notre Dame at 11.

Have national championship? Will claim!

Shoot, why not claim six more national championships that were awarded to the Trojans over the years at one time or another by services no longer in existence?

It's a joke. Face it.

USC lost just 19 games in the Carroll era. Nine of them came in the first and last year of his rule.

In between, the run was pure magic.

Enough with the excuses and arguments. Please...bring on a playoff!

Now, we begin the argument about USC whiners:

"But you lost to...Stanford, Oregon St., UCLA, etc."

Trojans fans say, "We didn't play North Texas as a filler game either."

This just in: Alabama played these guys in Tuscaloosa in 2009.

Now throw in mighty Florida International and powerful Tennessee-Chattanooga, and you can understand why Alabama went undefeated and won the BCS National Championship.

It had a pancake non-conference schedule, and only play one half to three quarters of the teams in the rugged SEC at any one time.

The Tide may be the best, who knows.

Settle it with a playoff.

SEC fans will fight back a and shout the Pac-10 is a patsy league. "Washington State sucks," they say.

Settle it with a playoff.

The 2008 Florida Gators' "claim" of the BCS National Championship—that's all it can do is claim, because the NCAA does not the view "titles" as legitimate—was tainted by non-conference pushovers Hawaii, the Citadel, and you can throw in doormat Vanderbilt.

Meanwhile, in 2008, USC torched Virginia—in Virginia—Ohio State, and Notre Dame.

Opponents will clamor that USC lost to Stanford, so thanks for applying. You lose.

Can anyone explain to me how beating Hawaii, the Citadel, and Vanderbilt is impressive?

Florida lost to Ole Miss that year 31-30! Ole Miss was a pedestrian 9-4, with a loss in the Cotton Bowl.

Let a Trojans fan tell you if 9-4 is much of a season.

It's time for a playoff that maintains the integrity of the bowls played at their traditional times and dates.

It can be done.

Both USC and Florida ended up with one loss. 

How can you say Florida was better than USC (one loss) or Utah, which was undefeated in 2009?

Settle it with a playoff. For the sake of The Citadel.

But it will be said, those mid-majors like Utah play pansy schedules. USC was beaten by Stanford.

USC fans say, "Thank you, The Citadel and North Texas."

How would Stanford have measured against those two powers?

Can we stop the arguing and get to a playoff?

Instead, we needlessly fall into the game of "manipulate the fans" by ESPN and the college presidents and conference presidents, and put enormous pressure on kids who are 18-22 years old.

The college presidents' goal is to make millions for a sport that says "win" every week, or you don't count.

To make matters worse, after driving these kids into the ground, we have computers and flawed humans who gets a shot at the prize.

Meanwhile, the NCAA schools rake in millions and abuse these kids with enormous pressure to win at all costs every week, or you are a loser.

Butler was two last-second shots from a national championship.

Anything is possible if you play it on the field. Like every other sport.

It's time to stop the debate and lead the way, Trojans fans. It's time to dump the BCS and demand a college football playoff now .

Please demand it for The Citadel's, North Texas's, Stanford's, and especially, the Butler's of the world.

Jon Sarver is the co-founder of Fanrevolt.net , a site that is committed to Dumping the BCS and demanding a college football playoff. Check it out if you are tired of the current BCS system and want a change now.


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