Do The Chiefs Have a Shot?

Jacob ClarkContributor IApril 6, 2010

Every chiefs fan is wondering. Will the Chiefs be a decent team next year and play like they did at the end of the season?

The Chiefs have a dynamic running game now with Jamal Charles and Thomas Jones. Charles is capable of being a great running back in the NFL, but running the ball as much as he did in 2009, all thats going to happen is he will get burned out. With Jones that allows us to cut Charles rushes possibly in half. So Jones probably won't have a 1,000 yard rushing season, but he should have a pretty good season.

Which leads me to the Draft. With the 5th pick overall, who do the chiefs choose? Well some say an OT. Well i think someone like Russel Okung, or Buluga would be nice. But is OT really the biggest need? I say no, People give Brandon Albert so much crap, but he isn't that bad. I think that the Chiefs need to worry most about the Secondary, Inside Linebacker, Nose Tackle and Wide Reciever. That should help the offense if we have a good slot reciever, Which we can grab Jordan Shipley, or that many forget Eric Decker. Decker is a top notch player when he is healthy, and we can grab one of those guys in 3rd round. Secondary we could address with the fifth overall at Eric Berry, huge help there, but some say McClain or Dan Williams, but i think you can address that later in the draft. With the two 2nd rounders, we can possible get Cody, or Arthur Jones from Syracuse, to clog the middle, and with the second 2nd rounder we can grab Brandon Spikes. He is a monster in the middle, just if he was faster.

With that being said with those four picks i named mostly defense. With a Slot Reciever from Shipley or Decker that gives us pretty good passing game for AFC West, and i think our running backs are the best in the AFC West. Adding three main positions on the Defense gives the Chiefs a huge boost with maybe the 2nd best Defense in the AFC West.

With the draft, free agency, and new addition to the Staff, I think the Chiefs, this year can at least go 8-8 and be the second best team in the AFC West, and possibly have the best record in the West.

Will the Chiefs be winners of Afc West or at least in 2nd? Lets hope so?