Top 5 Wrestlemanias Of All Time.

Dynamite BillCorrespondent IApril 6, 2010

5) Wrestlemania XIX

A great event with a strong opener ( Hardy vs Mysterio), and without a bad match at all (except the pillow fight). 

There were 3 great matches in the card, HBK vs Chris Jericho, Austin vs Rock, and Brock Lesnar vs Angle. The only reason I am not ranking it higher is because there wasn't any aftermath or any surprising heel, face turn or a new feud beginning.


4) Wrestlemania VIII

The main event was "average", but this card included two great, and terribly underrated matches, Bret Hart defeating Rowdy Piper for the IC Championship and Savage vs Flair.

Bret Hart's victory was historical as it marked the first ever singles championship of the "Hitman", and the match itself was huge. Savage vs Flair was awesome, the promo in which Flair claimed he slept with Miss Elizabeth was greatly delivered and classic, and the match itself was awesome. 

3) Wrestlemania X

A fantastic opener ( Hart vs Hart) and an unforgettable ladder match ( Ramond vs HBK). Only the fact that this WM consisted of two matches that can be ranked amongst the top 20 of all time is enough to ensure a spot in the top 5.

Other than those two matches nothing good, but nothing terrible. The ending with Bret Hart raised on the WWE roster shoulders and Owen looking in disgust, was unforgettable. A truly great WM. 

2)Wrestlemania III

With 12 matches we could be sure at least 2 or 3 would be great. WMIII consisted of 2 of the best all time matches, Savage- Steamboat and Hogan- Andre. I have this ranked higher than WM X is because Hogan vs Andre is one of the most underrated matches ever. 

Considering the limited in- wrestling ability of both (due to weight problems- Andre, and superman move set-Hogan), this went on really well. Especially when Hogan slammed Andre the match became historic. 

It was an unforgettable moment, in a great wrestling event. 


1)Wrestlemania X-7

No contest at all. Three all time match contenders ( Benoit-Angle, TLC, Austin-Rock) plus a really underrated HHH Vs Undertaker, a tremendous street fight between Vince and Shane.

The only bad match was between Chyna and Ivory, but it was what it should be, squash match. Also Eddie Guerrero vs Test was better than expected. The gimmick battle royal offered us some nostalgia, and it turned up to be better than expected.