UFC 112: Invincible: Penn Vs Edgar Preview & Prediction

Lion's Den U's TheCoach@@LDUtheCoachCorrespondent IApril 6, 2010


United States B.J. Penn (15-5-1)
United States Frankie Edgar (11-1-0)

Fighting Style:
Penn: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/Boxing
Edgar: Boxing/Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/Wrestling

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Frankie “The Answer” Edgar is a 28-year-old American born fighter with a purple-belt in BBJ in the Gracie system under Ricardo Almeida. Edgar turned pro in 2005 and went 5-0 in organizations such as Reality Fighter and King of Combat before he applied and tried out for ‘The Ultimate Fighter: Season 1′. He tried out in front of UFC President Dana White and UFC Fight Promoter Joe Silva and they decided he wasn’t good enough to be on the show. That, or they knew he would win it, and decided they’d just call him two months later and give him a contract to fight against (at the time) undefeated Tyson Griffin. Although Griffin caught Edgar in a kneebar as the fight was ending, Edgar refused to tap-out and ended up winning the fight by unanimous decision. Griffin and Edgar earned fight of the night honours. Next up was Canadian Mark Bocek, who got knocked-out in the first round at UFC 73, followed by Spencer Fisher at UFC 78. Edgar was making his opponents victims at will… until he met Gray Maynard at UFC Fight Night 13 who used his size and wrestling skill to over-power Edgar in a decision victory.

That fight woke up ‘The Answer’, and he knew he needed to improve on his wrestling as well as his strength if he wanted to contend for the title in the lightweight division. The wake-up call helped Edgar ten-fold, as he won his next three fights earning him a fight against champion B.J. Penn. First, he saw Hermes Franca at UFC: Silva vs. Irwin and again does what he does best, controlled the fight for fifteen minutes and won via unanimous decision. Sean Sherk had the EXACT same thing happen even though he weighed more and was stronger than Edgar. Seems as if that improved wrestling had helped. Most recently, Edgar submitted Matt Veach at 2:22 of the 2nd round and for it he and Veach earned fight of the night honours, which was more impressive for Edgar than Veach, who not only won the fight but earned his third fight on the night honour in his career, as well as getting the fight-bonus in back-to-back fights. Yeah, Edgar is the real deal, and has beat Sherk and Griffin but he has never seen the likes of B.J. Penn.


B.J. “The Prodigy” Penn has looked phenomenal since his loss to Georges St. Pierre three fights ago at UFC 94 and honestly I feel the only fighter to come back stronger after a loss to GSP is B.J. Penn (at least the 2nd time he lost). Penn is 15-5-1 in his career but if you look at his losses, they have come against Jens Pulver (early in his career), Lyoto Machida (in an open-weight fight in K-1), Matt Hughes and GSP twice. Pretty elite company if you ask me (minus Pulver), but Penn also hold notable victories over Matt Serra, Matt Hughes, Renzo Gracie, Sean Sherk, Joe Stevenson, Kenny Florian and Diego Sanchez… some more elite company. Technically Penn’s only true losses have come against GSP and Hughes and almost all of Penn’s fights have been in the UFC. He started off his professional career at UFC 31 and went 3-0 before losing to Jens Pulver at UFC 35, which was due to rookie mistakes and over-confidence.  Also, the fight against Machida, Penn weight 191, while Lyoto weighed in at 220 lbs). After winning his next two fights, Penn faced off against Caol Uno for the Lightweight title but the fight ended in a draw which caused the UFC to suspend the lightweight division and Penn jumped ship for a few fights in Rumble on the Rock and K-1 as well as fighting at UFC 46 against Matt Hughes, winning and being crowned the Welterweight champ.

Before he defended his title though, he jumped back and signed with K-1 in Japan and the UFC deemed he violated his contract and made him vacate the belt. Since returning to the UFC in mid-2005, Penn has went 6-3 but his record isn’t nearly as bad as it looks due to two of the losses coming against GSP and the Hughes loss following the first GSP loss when Penn was trying to find himself as a fighter again. In his 15 victories, 6 had come via knockout, 6 via submission, while 3 have come by decision. Penn has been knocked out twice and lost by decision three times. As stated in the start of the paragraph, Penn has never looked better than he does right now. If you don’t believe me, watch the video below. Also, he made Ken-Flo look like a child and Diego’s forehead look like a mashed-up vagina. B.J. Penn will win this fight and run into the same problem as GSP and Silva… with no more competition and no one to contend against Penn for the Lightweight title, he will likely make the jump to Welterweight and fight GSP in ‘Penn vs. GSP 3′.

TheCoach’s Pick: B.J. Penn via Knock-out