NFL Rumor: Brett Favre To The Ravens?

Monty SinghSenior Analyst IJuly 13, 2008

Brett Favre has let it be known that he still has it in him. Last season was arguably his best season of his career and he does not want it to end on an interception that led to a loss in the NFC Championship game.

Favre has asked to be released, but the Packers will not let him do that. This is because they do not want him in the NFC where he could potentially beat them in the playoffs.

A big possibility I have heard is Brett Favre to the Ravens. They could trade a draft pick as high as a third round pick. This is similar to when they received Steve McNair from the Titans.

The Ravens have been thinking about it, since Favre has not actually been reinstated yet, but if he does, they will be open to bringing him in.

Joe Flacco was drafted in the first round to be their future quarterback and they are looking at starting him game one. By bringing in Favre they would have less pressure to start Flacco right away.

Having a teacher like Favre for a year or two is really more of a positive for the Ravens.

The Ravens defense is still the most physical and best in the NFL, but the lack of offense has been affecting it.

Cam Cameron and the new coaching staff along with Favre will make the offense go from non- existent to a legit championship offense.

Willis McGahee has developed himself as a legit running back, but the only problem is the man handing the ball off to him. Neither Kyle Boller nor Troy Smith have been the answer at QB.

With a solid line, receivers, and running game, the Ravens are a Hall of Fame QB away from contending once again.

A couple seasons ago, McNair led the team to being one of the best teams in the AFC. Favre will most likely do the same.

Favre will end up being the Ravens greatest QB all time and if he is brought he is out of the NFC, which is good for the Packers, and he will end up on a contending team, which is good for him.

In a perfect world, Favre will end up with the Vikings, but with the Packers in control of Favre's destination, the Ravens are a good fit for both sides. Also, Ray Lewis would carry Favre's luggage for him to Baltimore.