The Top 5 Most Disgusting Promotional Tactics

Dynamite BillCorrespondent IApril 6, 2010

A promotional tactic is a certain storyline, or an incident used to promote a Ppv, a feud or a match. Throughout the years there have been some great promotional tactics, but there have also been some that can only be described as "WTF". 

I will list the 5 most disgusting  promotional tactics ever.

5) Sgt.Slaughter Iraqi Sympathizer (Using the Persian Gulf War to Promote a character)-WWF

This one is so disgusting, using a war in which millions of soldiers and innocent people died just to draw heat for a character. WWF showed with this action that they don't care about all these people dying, and that they only care about having "The true American" Hogan crash the "Iraqi sympathizer" Sgt.Slaughter, just to show what? America supremacy what so ever?

The whole thing was disgusting because they used the death of innocent people to their advantage.


4) Exploiting Scott Hall's alcholism- WCW

Using a real life problem to promote a storyline, an angle or what so ever is just plain disgusting. Why would you want to exploit such an important issue as this? 

It just shows that you are willing to exploit a man's issues just so that you get some extra ratings.. DISGUSTING

3) Triple H and Kane murder and necrophilia angle-WWF

One word .. WTF?, I know its not supposed to be taken as if it is real, but it just sounds so disgusting, plus it didn't make any sense. 

The thing is, how can he have killed somebody and still walk around free? It just doesn't sound good, and it has no moral in it.

2) Davind Arqutte as WCW Champion- WCW

One of the main reasons WCW fall. Now, I have nothing against Dave, to be honest I respect him because he acknowledge that a non-wrestler holding the title wouldn't be good, but I just can't understand how the heck they thought that Arquette's reign would help the promotion.

Having a celebrity hold the WCW title removed all the title's value.

1) Over the edge PPV continuing after the death of Owen Hart!-WWF

Having a PPV continue after a wrestler died while performing a dangerous entrance, this is just beyond me. Owen Hart died in one of the most tragic ways, and instead of canceling the PPV they had it to continue. Disgusting to say the least.

The thing is, if Vince stopped the PPV people would understand it, and they would be glad that Vince puts humans before ratings. But after that incident it was made clear that Vince didn't care about his performers dying, he only cared about ratings.