The G Series Mobile Locker Room's Next Stop: Your School?

Andrew WeaverCorrespondent IApril 6, 2010

Whether it’s screaming a series of chants, blasting a song, huddling up, or doing a funny dance, every team and athlete has a ritual to get ready for the competition ahead.

Rituals are what get athletes mentally focused on the task at hand and carry them through to the last round, last second, and the last inning.

And while there may not be a scientific formula for the perfect locker room ritual, most teams could argue that their pregame routines are the ultimate way to prepare for battle and can’t be matched by the competition.

Gatorade is looking for the ultimate high school locker room ritual with the launch of its G Series Mobile Locker Room Contest on Facebook. 

They’re opening this up for everyone to enter for a chance to have the G Series Mobile Locker Room be the 9th stop on the G Series Mobile Locker Room tour and win a $500 gift card for themselves.

The G Series Mobile Locker Room is currently traveling to at least eight handpicked schools nationwide between now and May.

Students from those participating schools will be some of the first athletes to test the new G Series products. These products have been designed by Gatorade scientists in collaboration with the world’s greatest athletes to provide fuel, fluids, and nutrients before, during, and after workouts, practices, or games.

What better way to get a step up on the competition than to be among the first athletes to try the latest in sports nutrition and hydration technology?

Pair the right fuel, fluids, and nutrients with the intensity of a pregame locker room ritual, and the competition won’t stand a chance.

To enter:

  • Click here
  • Submit a photo and tell Gatorade what your pregame locker room ritual before April 11
  • Spread the word to family and friends to have them submit too.


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