UFC 112 Preview and Predictions: The Main Card

Randy JordanContributor IApril 5, 2010

UFC 112 Main Card 


1.) Terry Etim (-155) VS. Rafael Dos Anjos (+135)


2.) Mark Munoz (-170) VS. Kendall Grove (+140)


3.) Matt Hughes (-450) VS. Renzo Gracie (+300)


4.) BJ. Penn (-800) VS. Frankie Edgar (+500) UFC Lightweight Championship


5.) Anderson Silva (-800) VS. Demian Maia (+500) UFC Middleweight Championship



Previews and Predictions


1.) Terry Etim (14-2-0) VS. Rafael Dos Anjos (13-4-0)


Terry Etim is currently on a four fight win streak in the UFC and is looking to add another win to his 7-2 UFC record this week. Etim has recorded wins over Matt Grice, Sam Stout, Brian Cobb, Justin Buchholz, and Shannon Gugerty.


His two UFC losses come from decision losses to veterans Rich Clementi and Glesion Tibau, fights in which he struggled to stop the take downs of both fighters. Terry Etim will need to avoid the ground game of Dos Anjos if he wants to win the fight.


Rafael Dos Anjos comes in as the underdog and will look to improve his 2-2 UFC record. Rafael is currently on a two fight win streak with wins over TUF fighter Rob Emerson and Kyle Bradley winning both by decisions.


His first two UFC losses were against veterans Tyson Griffin and Jeremy Stephens. Dos Anjos needs get this fight to the ground where he seems to have the advantage of Etim it is unknown if he will be able to succeed in doing so, he will have to avoid the striking of Etim in doing so.


I see this fight going the distance with Terry Etim winning the unanimous decision. I don't think Etim will be taken to the ground at will, I think he will use effective striking to pepper Dos-Anjos most of the fight. I don't see Dos-Anjos going out without a fight though.


With the odds given I see Etim as your best bet in the fight as he has more octagon experience and knows the game plan of Dos Anjos and will use the experience of Clementi and Tibau fights to avoid his opponents strength.


2.)Mark Munoz (7-1-0) VS. Kendall Grove (11-6-0)


Kendall Grove has been around the UFC for a while (6-3 in UFC) and coming off a submission victory over decorated wrestler Jake Rosholt, he will need to use the same craftiness to put away Mark Munoz. 


Grove will be the taller more experienced fighter Saturday and will need to use jui-jitsu advantage when on his back. He has fought higher competition than Munoz and will need to use that experience in avoiding getting grounded and pounded or caught in the stand up. Grove should use his jab to keep Munoz at bay, and use his grappling advantage while on his back to look for a submission.


Even though Mark Munoz is less experienced there is a reason he is coming in as favorite. Munoz has explosive wrestling and powerful hands.


Mark, a star while at WEC, was given Matt Hamill as his first UFC fight but lost by KO. He since has fired off a two fight win streak defeating Nick Catone and Ryan Jensen. Munoz might want to use his heavy hands in the stand-up and use his wrestling in reverse or impose his will while avoiding submissions and looking to take the fight to where he wants it.


I have to say I see Munoz using his strength and wrestling advantage over Grove making him a good bet. I see Mark either winning by KO or unanimous decision with the latter being more likely. I don't think betting Kendall is a huge crime, but he has trouble dealing with strong strikers and I think Munoz has been working in his stand-up and jui-jitsu and will prove to be to much for "Da Spyder".


3.)Matt Hughes (43-7-0) VS. Renzo Gracie (13-6-1-and 1NC)


Legendary UFC Fighter and former champion Matt Hughes will face off against legendary jui-jitsu artist Renzo Gracie. Matt Hughes has had a long UFC career facing the best of the best and compiling one of the best MMA resumes ever.


Hughes is 14-4 in the UFC with wins over current and former champions Carlos Newton, George St. Pierre, B.J. Penn, Matt Serra, and finally Renzo's own brother legend Royce Gracie. Hughes will probably look to do what he always does which is throw you around like a rag doll while sticking to you like glue wearing you down to a pulp then pounding out anything left of you before finally just breaking what limbs can still move.


Renzo Gracie is exactly that...a Gracie. Their names are synonymous with MMA and Brazilian Jui-Jitsu. Having come from one of the most prominent families in MMA Renzo Gracie has made his own name in fighting taking on a plethora of names like B.J Penn, Dan Henderson, Pat Miletich, Carlos Newton (twice), and Frank Shamrock.


Renzo is coming off a three fight win streak over Miletich, Newton, and Shamrock. This will be Renzo Gracie's first UFC fight ever and will look to use the style which made MMA and the UFC so popular. It's no question on how Renzo will try to win this fight as he will try to catch Hughes being too aggressive grappling and get a submission win over the legend.


A huge favorite, Matt Hughes is going to win this fight in a unanimous decision. I would bet on Hughes though the odds are little to high for my liking. I wouldn't bet on Renzo I just don't see him being able to do what so many people have failed to do. Matt Hughes is just too big, too strong, and has too much octagon experience to lose this fight. I will never count out a Gracie but I wouldn't bet against a bigger legend Matt Hughes. I have Hughes by TKO in the second round.



4.)B.J. Penn. ( 15-5-1 ) VS. Frankie Edgar. ( 11-1-0 ) for UFC Lightweight Title


B.J. Penn is undoubtedly one the sports P4P best, he will look to add to that legacy on Saturday. B.J. Penn has beaten anyone and everyone at 155 lbs. Having beaten the sports best like Caol Uno, Jens Pulver, Takanori Gomi, Din Thomas, Matt Serra, Matt Hughes, Sean Sherk, Joe Stevenson, Kenny Florian, and most recently the dominant performance over Diego Sanchez you can never say B.J. has ducked competition even moving up in weight classes to face George St. Pierre, Matt Hughes, and even Lyoto Machida.


When looking at what B.J. Penn can do best, its easier to look at what he can't do which isn't much, being one the sports best in take down defense, striking, and grappling your not going to find any holes in Penn's game.


Having said that there is almost any game plan B.J. could implement and be successful. Frankly I don't know what B.J. will try to do but I am definitely interested to see where he thinks he is going to have the best opportunity to win.


Coming in as HUGE underdog Frankie Edgar will look to upset the world by beating B.J. Penn at UFC 112. Even though he is one of the divisions smaller fighters he has had BIG wins over Jim Miller, Tyson Griffin, Mark Bocek, Spencer Fisher, Hermes Franca, Sean Shek, and most recently Matt Veach.


Frankie Edgar has risen fast and has quickly racked up a 6-1 UFC record with his only loss being the man he stepped in front of for a title shot, Gray Maynard. Frankie should look to avoid the ground at all cost and try to use his quick hands and take down defense to win this fight and shock everyone who said he was undeserving of a title shot.


I think this is Penn's fight to lose, he is coming in as the big favorite as the odds are -800 for Penn to win. While I think B.J. is going to win this fight and probably make it look easy, the odds are too high to bet on B.J.


So, if I was going to bet anything on this fight it would be something small on Edgar. B.J. Penn will most likely win this by submission late in the third round. I will be surprised if this reaches the fifth round.


Also, this brings me to a point about our co-main events. Both of these fights are the same in odds with the champion being -800 and the challenger being +500. Out of the two fights I see Edgar being more likely to score the upset. So out of the two, if I had to bet on the underdog to win at the current odds I would say it it is hands down Frankie Edgar rather than Demain Maia. Which brings us to...



5.)Anderson Silva ( 25-4-0 ) VS. Demain Maia ( 11-1-0 ) for UFC Middleweight Title


The UFC greatest middleweight ever and arguably the best P4P fighter on the planet, there isn't much left at 185 for Anderson Silva to accomplish. Silva has the most consecutive wins in the UFC with 10. He is tied for consecutive title defenses with five and will look to surpass that this weekend.


He has defeated the top competition at 185 and is looking to do the same at 205. The only real match-ups for him are there as no one can touch him at 185. I think Silva will do what we all know is going to happen getting rid of Maia faster than Thales Leites as this is just a replay in my opinion.


Silva should look to finish Maia efficiently as always probably not getting hit the process. Silva wants no part in the ground game even though he himself is more than proficient. Look for him to stuff take downs with ease peppering Maia with punches and kicks, and probably punching Maia's kicks.


This match-up is extremely one sided and while Maia is an elite jui-jitsui black belt with no questions about a ground game, he doesn't offer much of a shot even with his noticeably improved standup...I say noticeably because he noticeably didn't get his head knocked-off forcing his limp corpse into a somersault like the time he fought Nate Marquardt.


Thales Leites couldn't get Anderson to the ground even after four rounds of doing the stop, drop, and roll with a near riot about to take place. I don't see Maia, who looks smaller to me than Leites, being able to accomplish that. With that said, the game plan for Maia is to get the fight to floor, while still being conscious, and somehow submitting another black belt. Simple, enough sounds easy.


I think if I was going to bet I would bet the house on Anderson Silva as he almost a virtual lock barring another Ryo Chonan incident. If Demain Maia is banking on that, he should just go buy a lottery ticket his future would be much brighter.


I never thought someone with as much jui-jitsu experience as Maia would be out of a fight, but since it is against a once in a lifetime fighter I definitely wouldn't bet a dime on Maia being able to pull this off even at the current odds. In the final fight I have Anderson Silva winning by TKO late in the second round.


Thats the end of my first UFC event Preview and Predictions so leave a comment tell me what you think, hate, love, or anything I might want to know, thanks for reading!