An Interview With Tyson Cobb

Kevin BerthaCorrespondent IApril 5, 2010

Tyson Cobb is a  right-handed sophomore center-fielder for Mott Community College, which has one of the top Junior College baseball programs in the country.  Cobb is called “Ty”. Get the gist? Tyson (almost) shares a name with Hall of Fame outfielder (and ancestor, as his grandmother tells him) Ty Cobb. I talk to Tyson about his baseball lineage, his college, and other things.

Kevin Bertha: So you are related to THE Ty Cobb. How does it feel knowing you are related to a person who is credited with setting 90 Major League Baseball records during his career?

Ty Cobb: It’s sort of crazy, when I play I feel like I have to play harder.

KB: Why do you feel like you have to play harder?

TC: The name.

KB: Are you named after him?

TC: Haha, no.

KB: Since you are a sophomore, are you looking to transfer to a DI school after this season? If so, what school would you like to attend?

TC: I really don’t know yet, I can go through Mott to get a higher degree. Plus, I have a daughter so I haven’t thought about transferring yet. I want to though. I’m not picky, I want to go somewhere in Michigan. Somewhere close. But I’ll take whoever offers the most money for school.

KB: How is the season going for you?

TC: Good, I am starting out slow but I’ll get it going soon.

KB: What kind of hitter do you consider yourself to be? Power? Contact?

TC: Both, but I do what the situation calls for at the plate.

KB: Who is your favorite hitter to watch?

TC: Ken Griffey Jr.

KB: Why do you like Junior Griffey? What is special about him?

TC: His swing is absolutely beautiful.

KB: I agree, Griffey has a sweet swing. So what do you like most about baseball?

TC: It’s a great sport in general. It has so much history, and you have to practice a lot to stay on top.

KB: Now, speaking of history.

TC: Yes?

KB: Your ancestor, Ty Cobb, was (or is) considered a racist bigot by many. Do you think that is a fair judgement? Do you agree with that?

TC: Yes and no. Back in Cobb’s time, racism was common. Race wasn’t accepted like it is now.

KB: Are you ashamed by Cobb’s behavior?

TC: No. Everyone thinks I’d be like him sometimes as a joke but he was his own person and a very good ballplayer.

KB: So you have never tried the hands-apart stance Cobb used?

TC: Haha, no. That is really old school.

KB: No spikes-high slides?

TC: No, I respect the game and I really don’t like to play dirty.

KB: Good idea. How far do you think you can go with baseball?

TC: I really don’t know. As far as I want to, I guess. But I’m more focused on school and my family right now.

KB: Speaking of school, what is your major?

TC: Criminal justice.

KB: So I assume you watch CSI? Haha.

TC: Haha, no, I just like criminal justice.

KB: What classes do you take for Criminal Justice? What do you do for that major?

TC: There’s a lot of classes. Too hard to explain. I have to take 120 credit hours to get my Bachelor’s degree.

KB: Do you like school?

TC:Yeah, now I do.

KB: What do you like about school in particular?

TC: All the people I meet…It’s something to do.

KB: So you’re a fan of working out. What does your training routine look like? Do you do any exercises that you think really help you with baseball?

TC: I lift every day. I do a lot of cardio, but I work out really just for my self, not for baseball purposes.

KB: What do you like about working out? Does it make you feel good?

TC: Oh yeah, big stress reliever.

KB: How do you balance school, working out, and baseball?

TC: I work out very early, then I go to school. After that, I play ball. It’s not very hard.

KB: What is your main goal in life? Are you looking at baseball as a career? What do you want to do?

TC: My main goal is to find a career in Criminal Justice. I have a family, so it’s hard to keep playing. But I’ll always play in the summer or whenever I can.

KB: So you aren’t even planning on getting drafted?

TC: I don’t think about those things. I play because I love the sport and I’m good at it. I take it day by day.

KB: Thanks for the interview, Ty.

TC: No problem.

*This interview was done through IMing, thank God for technology.

*I have to give props to fellow writer and friend Adam Biggers. Adam told Cobb about me, and helped me get this interview.


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