Rob Sims Now A Lion, Detroit Looking Better Already

Matt JCorrespondent IApril 5, 2010

SEATTLE - 2009:  Rob Sims of the Seattle Seahawks poses for his 2009 NFL headshot at photo day in Seattle, Washington.  (Photo by NFL Photos)
NFL Photos/Getty Images

Rob Sims is now officially a member of the Detroit Lions, or will be as soon as he passes his physical. The deal was announced earlier today and confirmed by several different reporters.

Sims is a huge upgrade at the guard position for the Lions. He's rated as the 8th best overall guard on Many were concerned with his pass block rating on there, but he's still in the top 25 out of 64 guards overall. Or in more simpler terms, even in his worst area he's still better than over half the other starters in the nfl.

The better news is Sims is young and still has many years left. Plus he's rated in the top 10 of guards overall, and the system they were running in Seattle was detrimental to his playing abilities. So not only do I know he's a huge upgrade over all the linemen Detroit has, he also could be even better than we expect.

So this begs the question now, why was Seattle so willing to trade him for just a 5th round pick?

Seattle was willing to part with him for only a 5th round pick, because he didn't fit the scheme, and he was expendable to them. Now Detroit has what I would call a great starting left guard and a solid right guard in Stephen Peterman.  

If only they could address the tackle positions now. One way they could possibly address the tackle position without drafting one very high, is to trade for Jared Gaither of the Baltimore Ravens.

The only problem with trading for Gaither is they would have to give up their second round pick. If you ask me it's well worth it. The players who will be available in the second won't be that much better than Gaither, or younger. Gaither still has a ton of years left, and he already has a good track record.

If the Lions traded their second round pick for Gaither their offensive line could go from their weakest point, to a decent part of their football team. Plus they would be full of youth. Leaving them to focus on other area like the defensive line, and the defensive secondary.

Now that Detroit has addressed some of it's offensive line needs, it looks like defensive line will be the focus in the draft. Kyle Vanden Bosch and Corey Williams were both decent to good pick-ups in the free agency, but the Lions will have to do more to make this a decent defensive line.

First things first, they need to draft Suh if he's available. Drafting Suh would improve this line a ton. Pretty much everyone knows all about Suh, so I won't go into a bunch of details but if he's available they have to pick him up.

Now if Suh isn't available, then forget McCoy. The Lions need to trade down a few spot, pick up an extra draft pick later, and then draft Eric Berry. Yes I know, the Lions need help on the defensive line.

Drafting McCoy 2nd overall is a big waste to me though, and if Suh isn't available then I say draft Eric Berry, arguably the best player in this draft. The Lions also need help in the secondary, and think of what Louis Delmas, and Eric would do. Plus adding an extra late round pick never hurt anyone, especially with the way the Lions management has been looking lately.

Before I wouldn't trust the management with later picks, and getting the right players. But management has improved so much since Millen left, that I am comfortable as a fan saying drop a few spots in the first if Suh is gone, and pick up an extra late pick.

If Detroit can continue to make the right moves, we could see a a few years. No one should expect a team who's only won two games out of their last 32 to turn things around in a year or two, even with the off-season Detroit has had. So let's just hope they continue to do the right things, and move in the right direction.