WWE: The Great American Bash Preview

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IJuly 13, 2008

Well The Great American Bash is just around the corner and I will be making my predictions of what might lie ahead for the superstars of the WWE.

Divas Championship: Natalya vs. Michelle McCool

I could honestly see this going either way. WWE might decide to go with a baby face for there first Divas Champion or they may decide to go with the more deserving Natalya. She (in my mind) is the best up and coming diva in the WWE today. My picks Natalya.

Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho

I see this program going on for the rest of the summer and happy about it. I look for the match to steal the show. I'm leaning towards HBK in this match or maybe a DQ or Count Out. I'm pulling for an HBK upset victory.

ECW Champion Mark Henry vs. Tommy Dreamer

There is no way Mark Henry is not walking out of New York without the ECW title. Unfortunately Dreamer is just a stepping stone for Henry. I hope Henry gets over as a monster champion that no one can beat (similar to Awesome Kong).

John Cena vs. JBL in a Parking Lot Brawl

Are you as bored with this feud as I am? John Cena and JBL wil be facing off in another gimmick match and I don't really care who wins. I'm guessing JBL due to it being a New York City Parking Lot Brawl.

World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk vs. Batista

 I have no idea whos going to win this match, and thats the very reason I can't wait for it. I love matches where you have no idea whos going to win. I'm not even gonna make a prediction. Watch this match its gonna be very intresting to see how it plays out. Finally a main event we haven't seen before!!!!! Although, Cm Punk has been booked in up-coming house shows as champion, but that can be changed if Batista was to win.

WWE Champion Triple H vs. Edge

This will also be a intresting match, because like the World Heavyweight title match we haven't really seen this one in awhile. I don't see Edge wining here for two reasons. They haven't been hyping it as much as they normally hype PPV Main Events and two I look for Vickie to screw him over for dumping here.

Well those are my predictions I'll see you at the Bash.  :)