The Return of Michael Vick?

Monty SinghSenior Analyst IJuly 13, 2008

We went a whole year without the Michael Vick experience. Next season may be the last. He is due to be released, if he has good behavior, in 2009.

People are ripping Vick for a crime and yes he deserves it, but banning him from the game would be ridiculous.

There are a number of players who get caught with drugs, shooting incidents, and other crimes. A crime is a crime. Those players payed their dues to the community and Vick is doing the same.

He does something a number of athletes do, but unfortunately was caught. It was a cruel thing to do. He is paying the price in jail and has lost a large amount of money.

Roger Goodell should allow Vick back in the NFL. I'm sure he still works out every day in jail since he really has nothing else to do, unless they make him sew.

He was the most exciting player to watch. You never knew what was going to come next. His real QB skills of passing were questioned, but there were times when he looked like a Joe Montana.

There also were the many times he looked like Ryan Leaf, but he showed some promise in the season before he was charged.

If Vick is able to come back for the 2009 season, or even the 2010 season, I wonder where he would go?

He probably should have been a running back, wide receiver, and kick returner, but I am assuming he returns as a QB.

The Falcon fans would welcome Vick right back, especially if Matt Ryan is not the answer, but there is no chance the organization will allow him back.

Vick would have to go to a city with a more African American population since it seems a majority of white fans do not favor Vick at all. That is something that can not be changed.

The same goes for Barry Bonds; white players are shown more forgiveness than African American players. Bonds cannot find a job despite being one of the greatest hitters of all time.

Andy Petitte has been forgiven, Rick Ankiel is not even talked about, and fans all over Yankee stadium are wearing Jason Giambi mustaches. Even if Roger Clemens wanted to return I am sure more people would accept him over Bonds.

I could see Vick continuing in a city like Chicago. Grossman and Orton are not the answer at QB, unless one of them have a Tom Brady season. I am sure Bears' fans would like to bring in Vick. He would be the most exciting thing in Chicago since Jordan.

The New Orleans Saints may also be a good fit. Drew Brees is the starter and is doing one heck of a job. This is a place where Vick can maybe come in and be a backup or, even better, line up in a dual back system with Reggie Bush.

There is a long time between now and then, but let's not forget the Vick experience. He may not have been the greatest QB, but he reminds me of LeBron when he was in high school and during his early years in the NBA. He could not shoot, but you would do anything to see him play.

Vick seems like he has learned his lesson and it is up to society to forgive him.