Eagles Make Trade To Compete With...."Lions"!

Gordon stewartContributor IApril 5, 2010

Eagles fans... I get your frustration with losing. I am a life long Vikings fan... and when they got "Tony Soprano'd" BIG by the NFL and their cronies in Vegas last season...even WITH Favre, I felt worse than all other purple super bowl losses combined! Some of you die hard...if not delusional Eagle fans throw EVERY loss on Donovan Mc Nabb. Even if he was sitting on the sidelines when your Defense or lack thereof was giving up yards, and points faster than another NFL player can be arrested for carrying a loaded gun onto an airplane. Allegedly! And in typical, PREDICTABLE fashion, Eagles fans run into the streets screaming the "C" word as loud as they can! CHOKE! And Mc Nabb in front of it!

But come on...Mc Nabb doesn't choke...he GET'S choked!!! By EVERY defense he has to play against! That Alleged Offensive line of the Eagles is as USELESS as a screen door trying to carry water! They are turnstyles! Mc Nabb had to run for his LIFE on every play! Mc Nabb was so gun shy after ALL the sacks and hits on almost every play, rumor has it, he flinched even when the valet asked for his keys at restaurants! Couple THAT with the "Donald Sterling" of NFL owners Jeffrey Lurie refusing to sign their best cornerback last year, Brian Dawkins...Brian Westbrooks concussions, and WASTING a roster spot on Puppy Killa Vick, and you have a recipe for problems!

Ok Eagle fan's...is Kevin Kolb or Vick the answer? If you say yes...or maybe, I KNOW you have been drinking already today, haha! They BOTH are bandaids at best. Kolb is Alex Smith at best, and ask San Fran how THAT panned out. And Vick in his best days was an above average running back, and a guy that couldn't hit the ground if he fell off a motorcycle. Oh yeah, and then there's that pesky little "character" issue. Donovan Mc Nabb is the best QB in Eagles history...arguably. He is a solid guy in the clubhouse, and in the community, and he WAS the Eagles best chance at winning a super bowl.

The Eagles PROVED to their fans that they are both unwilling AND incapable of rebuilding this team in time to make a run at the super bowl anytime soon. One MOVE would have started the confidence and competence necessary for the Eagles to right their ship... they SHOULD have signed Anquan Boldin to give Mc Nabb another Weapon!!!!! Then signed a free agent Offensive tackle, and drafted two guards...for starters! There WILL be O-Linemen available on waivers throughout training camps... but NOPE...they decided to drop some salary and HOPE for the best?? Eagles fans, it's a long season or 3 coming for you! And oh yeah...one more little side note....YOUR EAGLES JUST MADE THE REDSKINS BETTER THAN YOU!!!!!!!!! Say goodbye to a run at the division OR a wild card berth! Finally Daniel Snyder made a good roster move! Remember the Brett Favre effect on BOTH Minnesota AND Green Bay? Well be ready for that SEQUEL to play out this year in Philly AND Washington when Donovan Mc Nabb comes back to the "land of the ungrateful fan" (Philly) and destroys the Eagles twice in 2010! I'm not a Mc Nabb fan.... but trading him for what equates to a lawn chair and 2 cases of old milwaukee "light" beer was stupid as hell! And NOW...get ready for your NEW big rivalry Philly vs Detroit!!! And now that Detroit has a franchise QB and some solid coaching in the motor city...my cash is on the Lions

Gordon "Lug Nutzz" Stewart